It’s September🙈

Apologies for the delay on this one, hasn’t exactly been the greatest of beginnings to the month. Although the girls were extremely excited to get back to school and nursery.

I can’t believe how grown up our babies are getting, Megan in year 2 and Georgie in her final year of nursery. Next month brings with it school choice applications 🙈🙉 not sure I’m quite ready for it. Where’s this year gone?

We had a fab summer and enjoyed lots of family time, Megan turned 6 which is crazy! With the school term restarting and work picking up we have a busy busy September full of mixed emotions, work,work and more work. We’ve had a very sad beginning with the great loss of a very close family friend which is the reason behind this post being delayed as I’ve had to edit bits of it.

Megan enjoyed her first proper vlogging experience at Trentham Monkey Forest which is up on our youtube channel there is more footage I need to work through. Hopefully after this weekend I may be able to get it sorted.

Although tinged with sadness this month we have lots on with our Moogies media biz and we also have a show coming up which includes a mummy and daddy night out at a Gala Dinner which means I get chance to dress up. We also have the run up too Oktoberfest weekend which is exciting.

This weekend coming will be another emotion filled one but with some excitement thrown in. Kids parties and collecting our second foster dog which the girls are very much looking forward too. Below are pics of our temporary foster dog Little who has been with us whilst his foster family are on holiday. As you can see the girls absolutely love him. He is looking for his forever home and has been a pleasure.

Below is Felix is he is our second foster dog, we love working with The Max and George Trust. They are an amazing cause who rescue dogs from Spain and find them foster care and forever homes all over the UK.

The girls are extremely excited to collect Felix on Saturday evening and we also have the Midland game fair which we are hoping to vlog.

With it being crazy month I hope to try and get some other post out before the end of September but please bare with me as we have been heartbroken by the loss of our dear friend and we are doing all we can to help the family.

Thank you all

Kayleigh x