Making Changes…….

Yes I am back, and I really mean changes...…..Life has dealt us some massive blows recently but I will not go into it all. All I will say is I had another pretty major wobble recently which sent me spiralling. I have since come out the other side and we have so, so much to look forward too.

I am making huge changes and can't thank the people around me, family, friends, online blogger buddies (they know who they are) for their continued support and sticking by me.

I started a new journey of self discovery 10 months ago, taking a health supplement from Revital U which I have been blogging my journey and there will be new videos coming soon for that as since I started I have come so far. I began as a size 16 and really hating on myself and feeling rotten, couple that with some mum guilt feeling like I wasn’t being the best mum I could be to my babies.

Well fast forward 10 months and I am not at the target I set myself just yet, but I feel great, I have been losing weight, I have more energy, I feel better in myself…. although my weight fluctuates a little a few pounds or so I have definitely lost inches. I am back in a size 12 for the very first time in 7 years. I am truly excited to continue on my journey to a better me, better health and happier me. I still look at myself in the mirror and I don’t like what I see but I know I have come so far already and I am not too far from the first target I set myself.

Many things having been going on in the background here at M2MB HQ, and there is exciting things going on work wise. Life has truly been a rollercoaster of late but I am coming out the other side and I will fight on, I am strong and I am worthwhile and I will love myself again. Many things coming up with Christmas fast approaching, lights switch ons, markets etc….. We also have had Georgie’s 5th birthday this week which is exciting, then a week or so rest then back into it with the Christmas run up. I want to film more too I am starting with a client video in a few weeks. So look out for that one, a day in the life of a salon which should be a laugh to film. There’s also bits and bobs to edit and get up from half term. I am finally getting myself back on track, I am trying to do things to curb my anxiety and depression which will help me in the long run.

It’s a long road but I know I will get there….I will learn to love myself again, self love is one of the most important things right now to get me back to where I wish to be mentally and physically, and I will hit the ground running with my blog and YouTube as well as hitting the ground running with my new venture which I will go into more soon, but it is exciting news I promise and it makes me truly excited about where this new venture could catapult us too…. Next year is filled with lots of plans. Including me gaining my independence a little more by finally getting round to driving lessons so I can pass my test, preferably before I turn 35 in July, we also want to move to a larger house so that’s on the goals list for 2020 as well and I know we’ll get there but its going to be a hard slog. I am more determined than ever to make things work for us and so my family can be the best they can be.

I just want to extend a massive thank you to all who have stuck by me, this little space of mine is 2 years old this week and I can not believe it, how can I have been blogging 2 years, things have come so far in that time, there’s been ups and downs, I have had times when I have felt like giving up, but I never will I love it, I love writing, and now filming every so often, I am slowly gaining confidence on my YouTube channel and on my Instagram, so be prepared to see more of me……

Thank you for reading

Kayleigh x