Charity Event

This one is a little bit different for me, I am writing this one for a good cause and because us as a family are taking part in this wonderful event to help raise funds for the amazing charity, Hope House Children’s Hospice. As you will know if you’ve been here a while I have been business networking in the past but currently I have taken a break from all that…..With the pandemic, home-schooling and lockdowns etc it seemed like the right time! But Ben has continued on networking via zoom and last year joined an awesome BNI group, and they now have Hope House as one of their members.

So as a group they have done a charity zoom quiz night in recent months to help raise vital funds for the hospices during this difficult time, the event planning team then put their heads together and came up with a COVID safe way to meet up and raise more vital funds, meaning the 78 Wrekin Climbs event was born. This is an event organised the members of the BNI Darwin group in Shropshire where they will meet at the bottom of the Wrekin and during the day, approximately 23 members between them will aim to complete 78 climbs of the Wrekin. This is will be a fun, safe day for all, some will do one climb and some will do 5,6,7 or even more, everyone has been training hard for this event happening at the end of May. I too myself and the girls have joined some of the training walks as we will be doing the media on the day. Although I am not part of the BNI group and the girls quite obviously are not either, they have always made me feel welcome at their social events, so, even though our climbs will not count towards the final total of 78 we will be there to support the day so will attempt a few full climbs myself and maybe a few halfway climbs to document the event.

A little background information into why this is event is happening, Hope House is a Children’s charity with in Shropshire, Cheshire and Wales that provides palliative care to families who have lost children and children with terminal illness. They provide care to over 750 families which is amazing and I couldn’t think of a better charity to help! The reasoning behind the 78 climbs is a significant one, it costs £78 per patient, per day for PPE items which is always needed and even more so during the pandemic. The care provided by this charity is so amazing, providing all different types of care from respite, end of life and immediate after death care to counselling and bereavement support and antenatal/neonatal care just to name a few. So many inspirational, tear jerking stories on their website which you are welcome to check out to gain more information and to look into why we are raising vital funds for this charity. I shall leave links at the end of this post so you can check them out and maybe see how you can help too.


So back to the event at the end of May, the event has been all meticulously planned out to stick with current restrictions and guidelines, and with the Wrekin being a 4km climb and the same down all plans are in place for plenty of water provided by the fantastic Radnor hills who are sponsoring the drinks for us.

As a family all the training is definitely helping with our fitness, and we can’t wait to take part in this fantastic event and hubby can’t wait to make his climbs count! All climbs by the team will count to the final total of 78. All support is gratefully received if you are able too, it can be words of encouragement or sponsoring our amazing team taking on the awesome challenge, link is at the bottom on Just Giving. As the days main photographer I will also try and do some videos for Instagram as the kids will love doing that, maybe even a live or 2, will see how the day pans out.

So there you go the 78 climbs Wrekin Challenge happening at the end of May, I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about the event and the reasoning behind it all. I shall leave links below for Hope House, Radnor hills and my hubby’s just giving page as all BNI members have their own just giving page for fundraising.

Thank you for sticking with me, and checking out this blog post.

To support and sponsor the walkers, please click at



Kayleigh x