Me and my family

So I have been thinking about this for months & just haven't had the confidence to start.....But thanks to some very lovely insta mamas (they know who they are) last night I decided what the hell.....lets do it! So here goes the ramblings of a mama of 2 girlies and stepmama to one boy. Please be kind I'm totally new to this.....

So for my first I thought I’d tell you alittle more about myself and my family. So here goes……. I am a mama of 2 gorgeous little girls Megan (5) and Georgie who turned 3 on Sunday, I am also stepmama to Ashley(12) and wife to Ben. Ohh and furmama to our greyhound fifi!! Growing up i never saw myself as being a stepmama although growing up in a blended family gave me the tools I needed when it came to it all. And I would never change it!

Growing up was never exactly easy for me being that child with the invisible disability ( more on that in another blog post) but becoming a stepmama and then after a long a road becoming a mama to my 2 precious miracles gave my life new meaning……my family is everything to me. Been a crazy 5years but hey what parent doesn’t lead a crazy life 🤣
I have wanted to start my own blog for years but never had the guts to do it as I am not the best at writing things down but I thought what the hell……you only live once. I don’t know where i am going with it but if you like what you see then great.

I do intend to write a few blog posts I’ve had in my mind for a while…..some may be emotional and hard for me to write but i feel it’s time. And I do want to do some product reviewing for people etc if i can as i read so many inspirational mama blogs and watch so many mama and family vloggers on you tube which is where i eventually want to take my blog as well once i build enough confidence with this blog.

So that’s me…..i know its not a long one but there’s more to come i promise. In the mean time thank you for reading……

See you in the next blog post

Kayleigh x