Where has this year gone 

Hi it's me again, so this isn't the blog i planned on writing(I had decided on an elf update) but due to the elves being on strike tonight due to megan misbehaving after school I'll leave that one till Thursday evening maybe.

So I know its only just December and I am thinking of writing a year end round up type of post towards the end of December,But I thought I’d go with what I felt……. Really where the hell has 2017 gone it only seems like 5mins ago it was last Christmas 🙈🙈 Well its been a crazy year of ups and downs from the beginning to the near end.

It all started with Georgie starting nursery in January, which left me feeling alittle lost…..being a stay at home mama can be so hard at times but it did leave me with 3hrs a day to myself for house stuff and getting other errands done. But with megan at school and georgie at nursery it did leave a kind of hole………

Fast forward to February/March/April 3months of the year I really wish I could forget completely, but I have kept them locked away in a hyperthetical box. From family members being ill to losing my beloved grandad in March to Parkinson’s and laying him to rest in April…..(9months on its still very raw) if i feel its right i may write about my grief over losing my grandad at a later date but for now i am just not in the right headspace to talk about it.

The rest of the year has been eventful to say the least with Megan turning 5 in July and starting in year 1 then Ashley turned 12 in October and Georgie turning 3 in November, we’ve had some amazing days out using our new national trust membership. And we’ve also had trips away to London and Blackpool and more recently Oxford. Thinking an Oxford trip blog soon as myself and the hubby had such a lovely weekend away and got a few lovely pictures.

Fast forward through to December and the run up to Christmas, the girls are so excited and can’t wait till Christmas day and we can’t wait for them to break up from school/nursery next week. We have so much planned starting this weekends winter festival and we are hoping to take a trip out to a local village that goes all out with their outdoor Christmas lights and the kids loved it when we went 2years ago. Going to do an update on how the behaviour elf is working out and the antics the naughty elves have been getting upto.

Think I have written enough for tonight,sorry for the mish mash of ramblings tonight and no pics but felt I needed to ramble alittle. And I want this blog to be real and true to myself and all I believe in.

See you in the next one.

Kayleigh x