I Had A Wobble

So I decided an updated version in aid of this years World Mental Health Awareness was a good idea to get me over my writers block. Anyway so last year I talked about how I have suffered for 15 years or so with my mental health and anxiety issues and I cope quite well with the odd wobble. But in the last few weeks I have felt myself struggling on and off, and I have had a total writers block with regards to my blog which hasn’t helped me feel good as I miss it when I don’t write.

This week has been a struggle I have had a few really good days where I have been working on my exciting new venture and then I have had a few days where I feel rubbish, I don’t want to get up and I really don’t want to adult which has caused me to have a migraine this week, not eat enough and be generally sluggish. But I live to fight another day and I have pulled on my BIG GIRL PANTS and got up and sorted to get on with things and get stuff done……..There has been various things I don’t wish to go into as its not fair that have affected me recently but I will fight on through my demons and through the negativity to get myself back on track to be the best mama I can be to my babies.

I have made a decision to make more time for myself around family and work life, even if it 10 minutes exercise or meditation as I have let it go a little lately and not been exercising everyday like I wanted to start doing and I have not been meditating every night like I wanted either. So I am putting my foot down with myself and making more time for self care, no matter what it may be. I love walking so I want to start doing more walking again, last week I went for a walk after the school run with my lovely friend and our dogs and smashed 10k all before 11am, god did it feel amazing and set me up for the day. So more of that needs to be made priority.

If you feel in a bad place, talk to someone, it can be anyone…… Its Ok Not To Be Ok! But if this is the case, find help there is no shame in it, I have been there………. I have done medication and I have done counselling it all helped. I have been low, really low but I pull myself through it somehow for my babies and I always will because they are my absolute world and always will be.

And Remember You Are Not Alone.

Thank you so much for reading

Kayleigh x