My story- Well some of it!

Ok so I have toyed with the idea of writing this post since starting my blog back in November. So after getting the good news and answers I needed from my consultant this week I have decided its time to just write it.

This is no where near the whole story & nor is it the beginning, actually with any luck an end to a very long winded story in someways at least.

So I guess so you guys have a slight understanding I should explain a little. So here goes (please bare with me a little as it is a bit long).

So going back to the end of 2011 when I found out I was pregnant with our rainbow baby Megan, and my pregnancy was really difficult and I really struggled, fast foward to June and 2 weeks before she arrived I could barely walk because my legs,hips and back we’re all complete agony. Thankfully after I gave birth most of the pains went away, and my elephant leg as I had aptly named it had almost gone back to normal. But I had another issue. Due to pregnancy and labour it had all caused me to have whats called a cervical prolapse.

But being as stubborn as I can be and more worried about the fact megan had jaundice and we were facing a few days in hospital I brushed off my own issues and thought it would right itself. Unfortunately for me this was not the case, I only ended up making myself feel worse and ended up with an infection which I can safely say was bloody awful. And its one mistake I would learn from and never make again. They were planning our discharge before hubby pushed me to tell someone what was going on….. I ended up having to see the doctor and had to have antibiotics and the prolapse corrected and packed and I had to have a catheter put in which meant 24hrs stuck on a bed not being able to move…..something I never wanted to experience again,having to buzz for a midwife or asking hubby everytime I needed to feed or change megan was awful. But we got through it,and the next day the catheter and packs were removed and I was fitted with what I called my rubber ring which I would need changing every few months but it would keep the prolapse in place.

So I went on having this ring changed every couple of months for the next few years. Then we came to march 2014, and I found out I was pregnant with our second miracle which was a total shock as we’d not particularly been trying. But it was a pleasant surprise,and as we now know that little miracle was our georgie bear. Anyway as its not safe to keep the ring in during pregnancy at 14weeks it was removed as my body was able to cope and keep the prolapse from happening with baby holding everything in place. I must admit I was filled with panic after all I went through in my pregnancy with Megan but my consultant was amazing and got me on tinzaparin injections from an early stage to prevent clotting and hopefully elephant leg again. Which thankfully it did and i had the best pregnancy with Georgie,no hip pain,legs or back pains it was all great. At least it was until I got to 32-33weeks. I was being kept a very close eye on due to all the issues with Megan and the fact she came early. Little madam was breach at 2 of my last few scans and needed turning(not a pleasant experience). At 37weeks exactly my last scan as I was due to be induced at 38weeks she was engaged. I was checked and told I was being induced there and then at 37weeks as I was 3cm already and may go into labour anytime and my consultant was away for next few daysπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆSo induction happened at 9.30am and by 4.30pm little lady was born,low and behold the prolapse was back but thankfully not as bad as it had been with Megan but the decision was made to have my ring put back in and go from there. Myself and hubby had already made the decision not to have anymore babies so I had my consultant get the ball rolling for me to see a doctor in London who dealt with a mesh procedure which would mean no more prolapse and no more ring. This is down to the fact I am under no circumstances allowed to have a hysterectomy due to the delicacy of my anatomy.

My appointment to London came through very quickly and the decision was made that it was my safest option to have this procedure. So at 4 and a half months I had to start weaning georgie from the breast and onto formula as I just hadn’t got enough supply to cover a week away. In May 2015 we waved off our babies for their week away with nannie and grandad and got organised for the next days trip to London for my op. Hubby stayed with me until I went to surgery and then came back when i came up from theatre. Before leaving for the evening into a b & b and coming back the next day. The operation had gone very well and I was on bed rest with a catheter for at least the next 48hrs.

I spent a week in hospital before hubby arrived back in London to take me home,ready for 6weeks strict rest and no heavy lifting. Which I did although with a young baby and a toddler to contend with i can’t say it was easy. But I was doing it for them so they could have their mummy back to normal.

Fast forward a few years to 2017,and spread all across the media was mesh and how it was dangerous and lots of woman had problems after having the procedure. Being a very anxious person panic set in. I consulted my friend who is a gynacologist who told me not to worry too much but if i could push my anxieties to one side i should contact my consultant. So due to me being at the 3year mark since my op in May 2018 I decided just before Christmas I needed to contact my consultant as many woman we’re having problems around the 3year mark. In January 2018 my consultant got back to me and told me he’d be happy to see me and go through all my concerns,my appointment came through a few days later and last week I travelled to London.

To cut a very long story short my consultant was very helpful,the procedure i received wasn’t with the mesh thats been splashed all over the media. My procedure had been slightly different due to my delicate anatomy and I had no reasons to panic. If any issues were to arise in the future they’d stamp on it straight away and get it sorted. But it would do me more harm than it would good if i was to have the mesh removed. So the decisions have been made to push on, and my consultants happy so I am happy……next check up is 12months time.

So I hope I have not bored you all with this one as there isn’t any pics to break this one up and it is pretty long winded.

There will be a blog in the future going back to where it all started and explain things alot better,that one may contain baby pics of myself πŸ™ˆ

Anyway thats all for now, please feel free to ask any questions I will try and help anyway I can.

Thank you for reading,until next time.

Kayleigh x