Trying out some Younique products

Over the Christmas period I was approached by a lovely friend to test out some products for her Younique business.

Of cause I was extremely happy to take up this opportunity being a makeup lover. So I will go through the bag of goodies I was given to try out and be as honest as I can about my experience of the products.

As you can see from the first picture I was given a mask to try out this one was the Charcoal Bamboo detoxifying mask. I’ve had masks in the past but never actually got round to using them, so I was excited to try out this one. I found it very simple to apply and it went on easily. Although I have only had one go with this mask I am hoping to purchase it sometime in the future as I absolutely loved it, I felt fresher and my skin was softer and as someone who suffers with dermatitis and eczema on her face,scalp,arms and hands I was extremely pleased because it did not affect my skin at all with regards to my issues.

I was also asked to test out the beauty serum and the time correcting night cream which I have also loved it goes on so well and makes my skin feel so soft. I love a good cream and normally I only use Goats Milk Moisturiser which I had from Australia at the beginning of last year because its done wonders for my skin and I also use aveeno prescribed by my doctor. But this serum and cream from the Younique range is fabulous and so easy to use.

On to the makeup items I was given to test out, these we’re the BB Flawless Complexion Enhancer, Mineral Touch Foundation, a makeup primer and the Waterproof Epic Mascara. Honestly I have never tried out a BB cream and with regards to foundation for years I have been using the techniques range from Body Care. And Mascaras I have tried out many,usually if they are on offer or gifted.

So lets start with the Epic Mascara I took up the waterproof option in Black, being a mummy means I am often rushing about so I need a Mascara that won’t budge and doesn’t clump, also one that doesn’t take much application and will look good if I only have time to do my mascara and eyebrows before rushing out the door. And with all the hype I have heard online from people I was very excited to try this and see if the hype was true. Its safe to say the Waterproof EPIC Mascara did not disappoint I love it. It makes my eyes feel wider in one application which is amazing I have never had a mascara do that no matter what is specified on the bottle. I am totally in love with Epic and its definitely one I want to purchase again in the future as I think its amazing.

Onto the BB flawless complexion enhancer,makeup primer and the Mineral touch foundation, well I can’t thank the lovely Kirsty enough she catered to my skin tone perfectly which I have never really done before,the BB cream can be used on it’s one or under your foundation. I used it on its own as I had never tried it before, it was so easy to apply and coverage was absolutely amazing. For an early start school run it was quick and easy to apply along with my eyebrows and I could get way with no mascara till I arrived back home. It made my skin feel so soft and covered I love it and totally need more,it also came off easily at the end of the day.

I tested out the primer and the Mineral touch foundation together, I have never used or even had a makeup face primer before so this was a completely new experience for me. I found it easy to use and made my skin soft and even ready for the days makeup. The foundation was catered to my specific skin tone which I have never personally had before so this was a fabulous experience. Using the foundation I only needed a minimal amount for full coverage which is fantastic…..and now I have run out of my tester I am looking at whether I can save some money and get my own although I am applying the new skills I have learnt using the Younique products to my normal everyday makeup and results are fab.

So all in all my experience of testing out Younique products has been an amazing one and I would absolutely recommend the products and totally be recommending Kirsty to buy from she was so helpful and informative.

Thank you for reading

Kayleigh x