My Journey So Far

I know, I know more than one post in a month...…..I'm spoiling you, but how could I not! I mentioned in last post about Revital U and my journey so I wanted to give you a proper update and how things are going now.

So as you'll be aware I started my journey back in March and it started out as a 3month trial reviewing the product and seeing how far I could get, well with the aid of the Smart Caps from Revital U and some lifestyle changes, such as incorporating exercise, some diet changes and a little calorie counting using My fitness pal and fast forward 10 months I have certainly seen results. So I started out a size 16 very unhappy, sluggish and hating my body.....In those 10 months I have gone from that size 16 body hater that weighed 11st 6 and a half, I am now down to a size 12 and 10st 1 and I am beginning to love myself again.

My weight fluctuates a little up and down a few pounds but I have definitely lost inches as well, I have had to have a wardrobe clear out and replenish as nothing was fitting me which is both fabulous and a nightmare as its meant heading out getting new clothes I really wasn’t in a position to get but god does it feel amazing being in a size 12 again.

Where I started back in March
Back in September in my first item of size 12 clothing in 7 years…..It felt amazing!

I know its not all down to Revital U but I am dam sure its been the best decision I ever made and I couldn’t imagine not taking the smart caps every day now. They work so well for me, by giving me energy, clarity of thought, they help with weight loss and many other things. Although they are not a drug, the blend is a health supplement. For someone whose suffered with migraines since my teens often getting really severe ones causing me to be in bed and making me really sick and unable to stomach food. Sometimes suffering up to 3 maybe 4 migraines a month at times. In the 10 months I have been taking Revital U smart caps, I still suffer my monthly hormonal migraine due to my monthly’s which I don’t think will ever go away. In the time I have taken the smart caps my migraines have greatly reduced and I have only had on really severe one that has made me really sick and put me in bed for at least 24 hours which I count as a win as its blooming amazing.

I also have my progress pics to show where I was back in March to where I am now, I set myself a target at the beginning of the year to lose 2 and half stone. I am not quite there yet but I have lost nearly 2 stone in the time scale, which for me is amazing and I will continue to set myself targets and become a better me health wise and for the sake of my mental health and my family. My girls are finally beginning to get their happy, healthy Mama back and they love it. We have many things we wish to achieve next year and as I have been trialling Revital U for so long now, the next logical step seemed to be to become a product of the product and tell my story to others whilst building another business to be proud of alongside my blog and YouTube and mine and hubby’s Media business Moogies. So you are looking at a new Revital U Brand Influencer, so please if you are into coffee then please let me know and I’ll tell you how you can help me by trying it out. These below are all my updated pictures, I still have a way to go but I will get there.

Your continued support in all I have done over the past 2 years is amazing and invaluable to me, thank you for sticking with me and please do share, comment and tell your friends. Look out for more blog posts, and more YouTube video’s in the coming months.

Kayleigh x