What to expect in 2019

Happy New Year, so sorry this one is a little late...... I had planned to write this post in the first few days of January but with having the girls at home I just didn't get chance to sit down and concentrate on my writing. But this week they are both back at school and nursery so I am getting myself back into the swing of things. What can you expect from me in 2019?

Lots of things to come really, with me networking now I hope to gain lots of work for my blog and really make a go of my YouTube channel. I have already done a little review recently which I intend to film a follow up video for. I also did something exciting just before Christmas, that video and blog post should be ready to publish next week. I also wrote an article in regards to my recent networking blog post for the Yoo2be Networking news magazine.

I’ve so many ideas for posts and videos in the next 12 months, from reviews to days outs we are also looking to move house so that’s very exciting. There is lots more to come to do with my Yoo2be networking journey which I will eventually have separate categories for. I am also hoping to purchase my own domain and build on my following, get some business cards printed so I can look and feel more professional and possibly get some of my own clothing done eventually.

My question to you is what else would you like to see from me in 2019? I am open to any subject as long as it falls within my remit and its something I can be passionate about writing or filming? I do need to purchase a ring light for my camera and brave being on the camera more and I also want to build my confidence doing such things as Instagram and Facebook stories and lives.

Thank you for reading

Kayleigh x