Events Have Slowly Made A Return

Oh yes, your eyes are not deceiving you I promise.....Some event's have been making a slow and steady return and we couldn't be happier about it!

For many of you who know us well or those of you who may have followed our journey for a while on the various social platforms we use, you will know as a family and as part of Moogies Media, we attend festivals throughout the year and often volunteer with the wonderful Shropshire Festivals to help out at many of the events they put on. However, since the pandemic outbreak and the UK going into lockdown many businesses have been affected, including our own business. Also for these reasons, Shropshire Festivals have been forced to cancel the years normal festivals, mainly due to the many social distancing restrictions and the restrictions surrounding mass gatherings, devastating for many. This means that we amongst the many thousands who attend festivals are missing the weekends of fun and craziness, but it can’t be helped because of the pandemic and the need to be keep everyone safe.

Then came the slow easing of lockdown restrictions in July, some of the first signs of a slow return to a new kind of normal, included school return for some children who had been forced to be taught by parents at home, social bubbles, a return to work for many after weeks of being furloughed or just unable to work to full capacity and of course, a return to events, Drive-In events, but events all the same. Being the awesome team they are, Shropshire festivals plotted a new way to bring back their events adhering to the new guidelines. Then after weeks of plotting, planning, brainstorming ideas and organising, the Shropshire Drive In Festivals were born…..These festivals are similar to the drive-in cinemas that are ever popular, but in an awesome festival form!

During July and into August these festivals have been set up with social distancing at the fore front of everyone’s minds. Absolutely fantastic organisation, all tickets are bought online only for safety and meaning cash does not need to be handled….Its is all set in a large Shropshire showground, with the stage set up incorporating the new six metres distancing rules from performers, toilets are on site and are managed by volunteers to make sure social distance is adhered to, minimal food vendors so there is the option of Burgers or Pizza, that need to be ordered in a new way and to finish, there is also Ice-cream and sweets!

I’m sure by the mention of food vendors its got you wondering how can that work, well here’s how…..Shropshire Festivals are working along side an awesome company with an app, so you must download the app for the festival if you intend to purchase food during a show. You order to your car, which is in a specially marked square with space for you to sit out to the drivers side if the weather allows, all food and drinks are prepared by the team of food vendors and once ready the small army of volunteers who are all masked up for their safety as well as yours will hand deliver your items to you. There is also 3 metres between each row of cars to allow for you to walk round your car if you happen to have chairs or you need to get in your boot, you are also very welcome to bring in your own picnic if you wish.

So that’s the basis of these awesome drive in festivals which began with a music festival including 3 local bands, to set off a month or more of amazing events. The weekend of the 11th saw a comedy drive in on the Friday evening and then the Saturday showings were of The Most Spectacular circus type show based mainly around The Greatest Showman. Both show days went down really well with the audience coming in and many returning once they were confident of the set up and that it was a safe environment. Then the following weekend, saw people flocking in to see ABBA The Story, a specially devised shortened version of their show to perform for the drive in festival and finished off by a 90’s revival night starring the world renown 90s dance act, Cappella, who still own a stage and kept the masses bouncing up and down with their high energy set, this was part of a 90s evening that was ran by a couple of local DJs whom are making their name with the decades best dance hits. All events have been completely amazing and so well received with everyone trying to navigate this new kind normal and keeping their social distance. There is so much more to come in the following weeks from this blog and also we are super excited to show you through more pics and videos that we took, I have even braved some Instagram lives at the shows which is helping my confidence.

I know I am a little late getting this one finished but I really hope you have all enjoyed our event coverage over on Facebook and Instagram. Here’s hoping next year things can get back to some more kind of normal and have our events we normally attend back up and running.

Thank you all for reading and supporting

Kayleigh x