Megans DDH Journey Part 2

So I thought now was the right time to continue the story. This part could be a tad more emotional as there are pics to accompany the writing.

Right, I cut part 1 off from where megan had gone through her surgery and we had a week in hospital on pain meds and getting her to a point she was comfortable enough to go home. I don’t have any pics from the first 48 hrs in her cast as she was in such a state and she was bearly eating due to be so uncomfortable. And until the cast was dry she was unable to be moved from her bed. But she was enjoying being spolit by family and friends and she had her own in room tv so she didn’t get really bored.

So after the cast had dried she was to have it wrapped in illuminous hot pink (her 2nd choice) as they had no purple in stock at the time. She was bed bound most of the day and had to be turned over to begin with for the first 48hrs or so just to make sure the whole cast dried out completely. It was very hard seeing our little girl in this huge cast but she was slowly getting her appetite back and was taken off the intravenous medication she had started out on. But taking the oral medicine was proving difficult as she was not impressed when nurses needed to turn her to make her comfortable or when she had to have nappy changes which was extremely hard to begin with but it did get alot easier.

It was hard on me because I was pregnant with georgie at the time I was unable to lift her,So this was left down to nurses whilst in hospital and daddy when we were home. It all got a lot easier when we were able to take her for walks off the ward in a specialised pushchair as it was a change of scenery.

Being in the cast she was extremely heavy but she loved being off the ward even if this pic doesn’t show it.

Her cast went all the way to her chest but as she was so small they had to make a few adjustments so it wasn’t too uncomfortable for her at home. Luckily she was still in a cot at home as well as hospital so we knew once home she’d be safe at night in her own room.

Home day arrived,we got hospital transport home as she wasn’t able to go in a car safely. Being back in our own environment took some getting used to…….daddy had to move her from sofa to her beanbag whenever she needed a change and then at night to bed and out again in a morning.

We weren’t able to borrow the buggy from hospital so we managed to borrow a larger buggy that megan was able to fit in with her cast on so she wasn’t having to be stuck in the house for 5weeks. So we managed to get out alittle at least until daddy was due his knee op and we had to spend a night at nannie and grandads.

Pic above was about 9days before we went back for her cast off and another hospital stay.

Things got a little crazy when she realised she could move on her tummy etc……but at least we had our happy baby back. It was long 5weeks and we had to delay her nursery start but they were fantastic about all.
Finally it was d day we were headed back to the hospital with daddy on crutches and I was around 31weeks or so pregnant i can’t quiet remember. Megan was excited to get her cast off and finally beable to have a bath…… we knew she’d be alittle wobbley for a few days but it was exciting. I could finally cuddle my baby girl again.

The cast was off and now came the hard work, getting back on her feet after physio and hydrotherapy…..her first bath in 6weeks was alittle of a traumatic experience for her but we got there. After a weeks physio and swimming it was time to leave the Alice ward and go home.

Typically she fell asleep waiting for nannie to get us on discharge day.
We are now 3 years on and other than het scars which she is extremely proud of you’d never know she’d had any problems. The pins and wires are now out and her doctor is so pleased with progress. She will be under the hospital til age 14 but hopefully she won’t require any more surgery until maybe late adulthood. As you can see it certainly hasn’t stopped her she loves gymnastics. We can’t thank the hospital enough for all they have done.

So I think I have probably bored you all to tears but I feel good I’ve managed to write about megans journey. I hope you all enjoy reading. Thank you again!

Until the next post,

Kayleigh x