New Goals and Exciting Times

I suppose most of us always have goals, if you have goals you set yourselves what are they? This year I have new goals for myself, that I am determined to fulfil as many of them as possible if not all of them, and I know I will even if it takes me a little while to do them. There are smaller goals, and then some being a little bigger and may take longer to reach but I will get there. There is so much to come this year within our media business, we’re only in early January and we’ve already taken on a new client and we have lots of work coming from our existing clients which is amazing.

Back to my goals, well I decided it needed doing and I am even thinking I will make myself and maybe a family dedicated one (vision boards), what’s your take on these? I know if I can physically see a goal I want then I am more likely to strive to smash them. So last year I started my healthier me journey and losing weight and between March and December 2019 I dropped 2 dress sizes with the help of Revital U smart caps and generally being healthier with trying out exercise regimes, walking more which is something I have always loved and also changing up my diet to be more mindful of the rubbish foods I would often consume. So here we are in January 2020 a new decade, a time to change more habits and get myself in the best shape of my life. So if you haven’t already twigged my first goal is too get in shape, be healthier and lose the last bit of weight I want to shift to hit the target I set myself last year. Which will hopefully take me from a size 16-18 where I was in March 2019 to between a size 8-10 and 10-12 where I know I will be happy and not overweight for my build that I currently am. Although I have gone from size 16-18 to a size 12 I am still on the larger end of a 12 but I am shrinking slowly which is amazing.

Before Christmas I took on some work with a coach, I completed a 21 day virtual boot camp excercising 30-40 minutes a day, being generally healthier with my food choices. I have been calorie counting for months and I do try and log my steps all the time that I am awake in a day. This week began a new boot camp which I am so exciting to be doing, I have used last week to get prepped and tried out some new workouts which have really made me feel amazing. I can’t wait to get on it and completely change old habits. I will get fit, I will lose weight and I will love myself completely.

Goal 2 is to be more mindful, listen to more podcasts, meditate as much as possible to get into a healthy mindset and practice mindfulness. I am really determined to do this to help with my anxiety, so hopefully I can gain more control of my anxieties especially with in impending idea of more surgery for my medical issues this year, I get myself in such a tis over anything medical and work myself into a frenzy which is not at all good for my health or my mind. So this year is a year to help me with my healthy mind and change habits…..

Goal 3 well this is a major one and the one I most want to do this year because I feel like its a must….And its one I keep setting aside because its something for me and I prefer to make sure the girls are all sorted and organised with all they need and want. But this year I want to pass my theory test after failing it last year and I want to get lessons and hopefully pass my test before then end of 2020 so I can get a little run around car for some independence when hubby is out and about on locations, also helps if weather’s bad and I need to run errands. So this year, theory, drive lessons, pass test, car…….In that order as a soon as I possibly can hopefully.

Goal 4 Ok so I want to really set myself up and start earning what I can from my blogging and YouTube as its something I absolutely love doing, I want to stop being so self conscious about showing my face on my social media platforms and talking on camera for videos. Things like Instagram stories and IGTV, also Facebook stories I want to try doing more of, and I would like to try doing more lives but always end up fumbled and not knowing what to say, then I feel like its boring for people and I give in & don’t bother….. So this I want to rectify & stop being so dam hard on myself all the time!1 I can and I will do this….. Ok as an extension on to this goal so lets say goal 4.1- To do lists, I always feel a greater sense of achievement if I have written a list and I go and tick off jobs and errands as and when they are completed. So I have restarted my list writing I don’t limit myself to daily lists because if I don’t tick all jobs off I don’t feel like I have fully accomplished things, so I write a list of jobs, errands etc I want to get done that week such as changing the beds, ironing, dry washing away etc….You get the idea and then I tick them off as and when they are complete and don’t worry too much if I have not done it on the day I wrote the list as I have the whole week to complete the things on it.

Next on my goals list is one not just for me, its for the family…..We want to move house in 2020 so the plan is to redecorate (white wash everywhere) that isn’t already done in preparation to give this house back eventually, and to find a larger property. When we first moved into this house it was fine, not an issue because it was the 2 of us and then stepson on weekends, then our family steadily grew we had a dog and 2 little ladies, now this 3 bed house really isn’t right for us. A kitchen that we struggle to get 2 people in, bedrooms that just aren’t sufficient size for our growing girls and a living/dining room that houses not only the office, but the sofa’s, dining table, our greyhound, 3 pet rats in their cage and the most recent a pet budgie in her cage. So we need to move and soon, we could really do with a 4 bed property with a larger downstairs too, a large kitchen/dining area is my dream with a large living area too, and extra bedroom so when Megan is ready she can have her own space and they can have a playroom/guest room for when the stepson stays and when we have visiting family. So many dreams of somewhere new, but not too far away from the girls school at least until I can drive as well as Ben.

My last goal I can think of at the moment, there is probably more but I cant think of them right now, well it is to take the girls on their first holiday abroad. We want to get their passports organised this year and either head to Lapland or Disneyland Paris in the later months of the year. We feel the girls are of the right age to really take it all in now and appreciate it more so we are going to be looking out for the best deals and doing our research to decide where it is we end up going. Either way the girls will be able to go on their very first plane journey. Which for them is super duper exciting, they can’t wait and by the time we come to go away they will be a older too, so they will be 8 and 6 by then.

So all exciting things to come this year, lots of goals to reach and lots of work to come in, I’d love to hear if you have set yourself any goals this year and what you think of mine. You can find me on social media on my Facebook page- and we also have a YouTube channel which can be found at so you can head there and subscribe to see some more vlogs this year amongst other stuff. And please let me know what subjects you’d love me to cover on here and videos you’d like to see I’d love to hear your ideas.

Thank you for reading and supporting.

Kayleigh x