Well That’s It New Starts All Round

How did this happen? How is my little lady at full time school? I so wasn't ready for this, she has done mornings for the first 4 days back as they drip feed them in to start with, second week back means BOOM....... full days!

I was so worried about how she would cope but my worries we’re certainly unwarranted because on her first morning she ran in and was the first child in, shes loving it and living her best life looking so grown up it’s crazy.

I could not be prouder of how shes taken to it all after being with me 3 days a week and nursery 2 days a week and then having the 6 weeks holidays being with us all day, everyday. So we’ve completed week 1 of mornings and she absolutely smashed that. Now shes in for a full week all day, scary but shes taken it all in her stride, this mama however feels completely lost with out her mini BFF at home. But I know she’ll smash it because shes such a confident little lady and she’s also got the added bonus of being able to see her big sister during lunchtimes now which is fantastic news.

Megan also smashed her first week in Year 3 and is doing so well, loving her new teacher which is great news all round. with all these new starts it means this mama can begin to crack on with her new beginnings and relish in the new challenges ahead. Its just crazy to think both my babies are now in school and we only get evenings, weekends and holidays together but we shall make sure they are made amazing and filled with fun activities and memory making so they won’t get bored. But in the mean time they have many school activities coming up.

With our girls relishing in their new challenges, I will begin to boost my blog more, really make a go of my YouTube channels, get in a lot more excercise and lose the weight I so crave to lose in order to be a healthier, better me. Some new networking thrown in and my new beginning as part of a new team. I can’t wait to see what the future holds, I will build that amazing future for our girls because they deserve it and so do I.

Lots of content planning and brainstorming happening in the M2MB/Moogies HQ and I can’t wait to share it all with you.

Thank you as always for reading and for your continued support.

Kayleigh x