Exciting post-Featherstar Apparel review

Ok so before I get into this one. I will put a little disclaimer here: this is not an ad and in no way have I been paid for this.

Out of the kindness of her heart the lobely featherstar apparel sent me some lovely items for which I happily agreed to give feedback and review the items for her

I am a little behind with this one due to Megan coming down with chicken pox a day after we received our happy post. Which meant I couldn’t get the lovely pics I wanted of her wearing her new clothes. So going back to December last year I came across this lovely shop on Instagram and she was getting things organised ready to launch. She kindly agreed that once she had launched and got some stock behind her to send us something lovely to review and that she did. So when this lovely package came through our door we couldn’t wait. Beautifully packaged,got to love the simplicity of brown paper packaging….at the time megan was still fast asleep in bed so mummy got to open this lovely post first.

To my absolute surprise this lovely lady had not only sent us one of her gorgeous items to road test but she’d sent us 2….. It’s an understatement to say Megan was just a little excited to receive these amazing items to try out as its normally little lady who ends up with bits to try out. As we had a big day planned at the time so this lovely delivery couldn’t have come on a better day. Megan planned her own outfit for the day which included one of the lovely tees she had been sent. Sadly our plans changed at the last minute so all the lovely pics I’d planned for that day didn’t happen but we did get some pics before heading out.

Such an amazing fit. So pretty and shes always happy to pose.

Plus the girls got daddy /daughter lunch date whilst mummy had to pop out. Which they obviously enjoyed very much.

Thankfully megan and anything white work better than if georgie has anything white.🤣 Just in love with the amazing quality of these tops and they also wash really well, and the white tee will be fabulous going into spring/summer with skirts or shorts as we have lots of adventures planned.

Megan is now chicken pox so we have got some pics of the second top the lovely featherstar apparel sent to us.

This one is just as gorgeous and is a long sleeved top and is absolutely perfect either on its own or over a t-shirt. As we didn’t get up to much this weekend this we teamed it with her favourite primark pink jeans and a nono and ezy scarf. And of course where ever we go hatchimal comes with us.

Both these amazing tops wash really well and theu are such amazing quality. We will definitely be buying more items in the future. And we can not thank this lovely lady enough.

Can’t wait to buy some matching ones for little lady and go on some super adventures in these amazing items. Please go check out this lovely shop on Instagram @featherstar_apparel and on Facebook searcg Featherstar Apparel. So many new amazing items coming out. Head over and show your support!

Hope I have done this lovely shop justice. And you enjoy reading.

Hopefully more posts to come this week,dependant on little bear whose suffering chicken pox.

Thank you

Kayleigh x