Feeling Humbled

Little back ground on why I feel humbled, ok so myself and hubby have our own media business which is mentioned in blogs sometimes, late last year hubby decided to set up a forum for entrepreneur's on Facebook that to date has nearly 500 members which is amazing.

We have new requests to join our forum weekly, sometimes daily! So many business people wanting to join in sharing what they do with others and finding out what others do, passing on business between each other if there’s anyone in need of help or advice.

Anyway in the past week or so a lovely lady joined our forum and she runs an amazing small business making handmade bespoke gifts for all sorts of occasions and we happened to get chatting about what each other does, and then following each others social media accounts. This has led to us working along side each other to help build our businesses, I was asked some questions about favourite colours, hobbies and what I feel about crystal healing and whether or not I wished to see what she had designed for me before it was sent in the post. Now crystals and the healing properties of them have intrigued me for a while so I was excited to see what the lovely Ashley from Aston Jems came up with based on the answers I gave her.

So based on the personality questions I answered for Ashley she did not disappoint and came up with an amazing crystal healing bracelet for me, and I couldn’t be happier with it. Not only did she listen carefully, Ashley got my personality down to a tea. My beautiful bracelet is made from black lava rock- said to be a great grounding stone to help strengthen my connection with mother earth, also providing guidance in situations we made need to bounce back from. White Howlite- said to calm communication facilities awareness and to encourage emotional expression. Lastly Pink Agate- said to be a calming, soothing stone that can dispel fear, encourage energy, strength and self confidence all infused with a beautiful smelling white lavender aroma oil and is said to help in treating migraines and joint pain. This is perfect as I suffer regular migraines and I do get the odd join pain from exercising. Its designed so perfectly with a strong elastic so its comfortable to wear all the time during exercise and doesn’t matter if it gets wet.

It is the most amazing looking and smelling bracelet I have ever been humbly gifted with, and not only did the lovely Ashley surprise me with my bespoke designed bracelet, she added something a little extra into my package which I was not expecting. A beautifully designed lavender soap which is said to bring calm when feeling anxious and it helps to sooth and relax, and it is made with no nasty chemicals, so all natural. On testing the soap it has definitely made me feel relaxed I love the smell of lavender anyway so my gifted package is absolutely perfect for me and the customer service I received and quick turn around time was fantastic.

All sent with a beautiful note explaining all about my healing bracelet and the soap which is amazing, I can not wait to order more items in the future from the lovely Aston Jems. So to find out more information about their amazing handmade products, please check out their Facebook page www.facebook.com/astonjems and their Instagram which is www.instagram.com/astonjemstones I promise you won’t be disappointed.

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Thank you for reading and supporting.

Kayleigh x