Social Distancing, Lockdown and Home-Schooling

Oh yes, we were warned it would happen yet there’s still many people not listening which is so dam scary. If the disregard continues we will end up in a full lockdown! Being in lockdown is scary and difficult to explain to the girls as we are to stay indoors for the next 3 weeks apart from one form of exercise a day, our chosen exercise is a 30 minute walk, lockdown also means in frequent shopping for essentials which means hubby is doing shopping trip once or week or less if we can help it. So far we are coping ok with it all……

We had a very successful day 1 of schooling the girls from home, we don’t particularly have a set time table as such we are going with the flow, we did P.E with the body coach which was great. The girls stage school are doing daily lives via Facebook of singing, dancing lessons etc which is fantastic to see, we’re all in this together and its nice to be able to join in with the girls. We’ve also had maths and literacy, plus educational Thomas the tank (In Welsh), we ended day 1 of social distancing with 30 minutes fresh air in a field close to home flying our drone, where we know barely anyone other than dog walkers go, it was more or less deserted other than the odd one or 2 and they kept the required distance in line with the government’s social distancing laws. So all in all day 1 was a success….How is the whole social distancing going for you?

Day 2 didn’t exactly go to plan, kids didn’t want to do P.E, we did do the stage school live lesson and the girls did purple mash work which school have set to do at home, Megan’s actually really enjoyed learning at home which is amazing as we don’t struggle as much to keep her motivated. Georgie has loved some online learning, we’ve had Welsh Thomas the tank which she really loved and was totally glued for 45mins which was amazing, even if she didn’t understand it….. Still loving the whole teaching at home, although we aren’t sticking to a strict plan because we really want to make this an enjoyable time for the girls and not put pressure on ourselves as we are not teachers. We headed out for our once a day permitted exercise, which has been great with this weather being so amazing.

Day 3 we decided to have a chilled slow day and give the girls a break although Megan still did some school work on the online forum as she’s loving it, but we spent most of the day resting apart from our walk, we have taken on the 7 day trial of the new Disney plus so got to watch Lady and the Tramp live remake which the girls loved and so did I to be truly honest. Snuggles galore with my babies, a nice teatime and early bed times was definitely in order.

Can’t say being on lockdown is easy, really struggling with this time of year not being able to see my family, especially being the anniversary of the loss of my grandad and I always struggle, seeing my family has always helped but this year will be facetiming, phone calls etc which is hard. We will as a family get through this and I can’t wait to be able to see my family and friends again, never again will I take for granted being able to head out to see my mum and stepdad or visit my nan and anyone else we see regularly, because not seeing them in the physical sense is heart breaking, the girls miss their grandparents and friends which is hard.

We’ve completed day 4 with some school work, walk and facetiming family so we can have a chat, as well as a film and some house work thrown in, we went on a nature hunt of sorts for our 30 minutes walk, found the tadpoles, butterflies and midges as well as the birds. We have also taken part in the 8pm clap for the NHS and key workers that happened at 8pm to thank all our key workers for all they are doing during this really difficult time.

Anyway I think I may have droned on quite enough for one blog post, I will try and get some more out in coming weeks, get the drafted ones finished and posted eventually I guess. For now all is left to say is Stay Home, Stay Safe and take care of each other.

Thank you for reading and supporting.

Kayleigh x