Making a come back

Hi all,

It's been a while, sorry I've been MIA the last 3months or so, I've really not felt like writing so took some time away to work on myself and think about how I want to progress my blog. Not to mention we've had a busy few months. The break was totally needed and I'm glad I took the time out.

Maybe now I can make a come back and get to the point I really want too. Lots been going on in general life. During my break we celebrated my lovely mama turning 60, our baby girl turning 6 🙈 and both myself and hubby having our birthdays too. Things have been happening for us with our media management business too,gradually getting more and more work in.

Pic from Megans 6th birthday party that she absolutely loved.

We are now nearly 3weeks into the summer hols and been getting up to lots of things. Such as beach days and days out with friends. Girls also had a lovely sleepover with nannie and grandad whilst mummy and daddy had to work.

Lots coming up in the next few weeks including more beach days and some wonderful days out. Myself and the girls are especially excited to be seeing The Greatest Showman sing along in our local park. Daddy is slightly less enthusiastic about this because it’s not his thing but hey ho its been cracking watching megan trying to teach all the songs to daddy ready for it.

The girls loved being at nannie and grandads and spending time with uncle Will.

Anyway this weekend is a busy one with an agricultural show tomorrow which should be great. And rest assured the girls are very excited.

Many more ideas for my blog coming. Hope you enjoy reading I know it’s a short one but I’m glad to be back writing again.

Kayleigh x