More Back to School Chat

I know, I know they've been back nearly a fortnight, but off the back of our first back to school post about our little Back to school pack the girls we're so very kindly gifted, I was contacted by someone else from the same company asking if we'd like to test out some other products, Namely Hedrin, and as back to school often brings with it head lice on occasion of course we accepted. Anything to help protect against the threat of head lice, even if the girls aren't huge fans of having their hair regularly checked, needs must.

So now for the information bit, we all know how frustrating and stubborn head lice can be and it can be one heck of a chore trawling through your child or children’s hair. So Hedrin are here to help, they are the UK’s leading head lice brand and they have now introduced an all in one fuss free shampoo that works in just 5 minutes and will help treating any head lice issue stress free. It is the fastest treatment of head lice in the UK and is twice as effective as combing alone, it leaves you hair fresh and clean. It is perfect for those parents who wish to deal with head lice as part of the bath time routine.This all in one treatment shampoo is allergy certified, skin friendly, easy to use and it doesn’t have a nasty odour which makes it an obvious choice for fast and straightforward head lice treatment. It doesn’t contain pesticides, there fore these little pests will not and can not build a resistance to the product which there fore means it will work every time. It is advised after using Hedrin all in one shampoo a further check should be done a week from first application to make sure that no lice or eggs have managed to escape treatment. If there are any live are discovered then it will need reapplying.

As a mum of 2 girls which hair just past their shoulders, Head lice checking can be a nightmare so the fact we’ve been gifted these products is amazing, along with the All in one shampoo we we’re also gifted a new Hedrin branded Head lice Detector comb and a bottle of Hedrin Protect & Go Spray which is fab, and can be used on a regular basis like any normal spray in conditioner, which with my 2 monkey’s is a fantastic item to have especially during term time. Because it can be used twice a week and will protect your child against head lice and its simple enough to use. Wash hair as normal or if needed use the treatment shampoo, spray on to towel dried hair and comb it through, the either blow dry or leave to dry naturally……Can be used at least twice a week, more if you wish.

Our girls love having their tangle tease spray in their hair as it can often end up a little wild especially during the school week, so using this between using that will be perfect solution to protecting against them nasty little hair pests. And it also has its own gentle detangling formula, is skin friendly, and has a lovely fruity orange and mango fragrance to it. One more thing that I find fabulous about it is it also prides itself on being spray tested clinically on real heads which is fantastic news, i’m all for that form of testing as its humans that are using the products.

So from now on we are definitely Hedrin converts, they are fantastic products and my girls love them. Definitely a back to school essential to have in your bathroom/medicine cupboard for eradicating those nasty head lice pests. If you wish to find out any more information please head to and you will find all you need to know there. Hedrin All-in-One shampoo can be found in Boots stores at £9.99 for 100ml and £14.99 for 200ml bottles.

Thank you again for reading.

Kayleigh x