Our little Megan miracle

I'm not quite sure where I am going with this one but let's roll with it I want to be real and honest.

So I should explain alittle I suppose, and to do that I need to take you all the way back to the year 1985....the year I was born. A very difficult time for both my mum and dad, I came into this world but all was not fabulous I was born with an ectopic bladder,this is not the same as an ectopic pregnancy.

My bladder was on the outside and they needed to operate as soon as possible, so at 3hours old I was taken to Alder Hay Childrens Hospital for surgery to put my bladder back. Which meant over the years many many trips back to Alder Hay for check ups…..but more on all this in another blog. I had major surgery age 6 and was under the same consultant till age 18. But I was there was a chance I may never be able to have children. From age 18 I was put in the hands of a wonderful lady gynacologist at our local hospital but till age 22 I still had issues…..

So I was 22 and I was taken in for more surgery,this would hopefully put an end to any problems. It was about 2months maybe 3 after my op that I met Ben, long story short we moved in together and I became pregnant pretty quickly. Over the years I had 3 miscarriages and I became quite poorly and was on the sick for 12months before giving up my job to try various other work opportunities. By this time I was also starting to feel like I was failing as a wife as I could get pregnant but it never held.

So I booked to see my lovely gynacologist Sharon to see if there was anything we could do,tests they could perform as I was totally convinced it was my body failing me. Then not long before I was due to go see her I was late (I panicked) it turned out I was pregnant. I was carefully monitored but couldn’t get excited due to the previous miscarriages. The weeks went on I and the pregnancy stuck. I had built myself up because I’d always been told c section,only to be told by my lovely gynacologist I couldn’t have a section of would be too risky. So natural birth was only way forward which i must admit freaked me out no end. We decided not to find out,first baby and all that we opted for a surprise. I was really poorly throughout my pregnancy with Megan. Many scans and hospital visits so much so the ward staff I knew by name and they knew us well. And 2 weeks before i went into labour i could hardly walk, there is a computer file of pregnancy photos for both pregnancies but I looked so ill with Megan I didn’t want to put them in. So to the evening of July 7th 2012 I woke in the night as I had really bad back pain and I also had fluid on my leg. I got up to the loo and sure enough another bleed the last one of many during the pregnancy….I woke ben and we called the hospital and I had to go in. I was 36weeks and 4days. I was checked over and everything was fine but I was kept in….the next day they checked me again and I told me I could go home late afternoon so ben came back and we awaited discharge…..

I don’t remember times as things all became a bit of a blur,I think it was between 2.00 and 3pm in the afternoon on July 8th I was lay waiting to leave hospital still in my pjs but luckily I had my bag and baby bag with me. Because all of a sudden my waters broke,which sent me into a state of panic as it was still to early. Funnily though (Well so Ben says) I flooded the ward on the way to the loo with the midwife. I was changed and taken to the delivery suite, sure enough I was in labour, and was already about 4cm dilated i think, I’d decided I didn’t want an epidural as i have a fear of needles…..I never took the other options on offer either I went with gas and air which was plenty. I couldn’t be active during labour due to how poorly I’d been so I was on the bed. I remember my mum arriving vaguely. I’m not sure how long I was in established labour but i know I struggled alittle but the midwives were amazing and so we’re ben and my mum I couldn’t have done it all without them. So into the world came Megan Grace all 4lb11oz of her…..10 beautiful fingers and 10 beautiful toes,a full head of dark hair and perfectly healthy. We were kept in for 5days as megan had jaundice and I was quite poorly but when we were allowed home it really felt real. To go from being told for 15years or more of your life you may never have children and if i did I’d need a c section to having megan naturally with only gas and air is nothing short of a miracle. So I had my beautifil baby girl and I thought this would be the end of the story I would be mama to one. But as we know it wasn’t but more on that in another blog post.

Our little Megan Moomin so so tiny.

Thank you for reading

Kayleigh x