Living My Dreams/Date Afternoon

Well yesterday was an amazing day, and not because it was Valentines Day.............Yesterday I got to live out a little dream I've had for years, since meeting hubby 12 years ago we have shared a love for all things horses, specifically horse racing. We love to head out to race courses near and far for days out. And since the girls came along they now share our passion and we love heading out on family days out to the races. As a family we especially enjoy point to point racing.


Anyway since we have our media business it has brought us many things, hubby saw a gap in the market for the understated Point to Point racing and racing in general and decided to start up some social media accounts and a YouTube channel called Horse Racing Fans TV which for anyone who has a love for racing its been very well received. Anyway after some research Ben got in contact with a Horse Racing team not to far away from us who agreed to allow us to visit,take pics and videos and interview.

So with our girls packed off to breakfast club before starting their last day of school before the Half term commenced we headed to the race yard of Heidi Brookshaw Racing…..It was nothing short of amazing, in a yard surrounded by race horses. We we’re granted access to Heidi’s yard and able to see a few of her horses being ridden out and trained which was great. We also had access to the stables which was a dream I love being surrounded by horses,took me back to my childhood and holidaying in North Wales when our friends lived on a farm and I used to get to ride a horse every summer, which I loved and ever since I was little I have always wanted my own horse and maybe one day that dream may happen……..I can live in hope as I know the girls would love to have a horse. Being around race horses was fabulous and we we’re made to feel so so welcome by Heidi and her team. We got lots of amazing pictures which can be found on Horse Racing Fans TV pages on Facebook and Instagram and footage of Heidi’s Interview is on Horse Racing Fans TV’s YouTube Channel. If you are a lover of racing then please check us out and do take a look at Heidi Brookshaw Racing they have a page on Facebook.

Well after that amazing morning we had some us time, it was Valentines Day after all, so we headed out for lunch before school run time and had some proper time for ourselves enjoying our very first TGI Friday’s experience

Thank you for reading I know this one has been a little different but I really hope you enjoy it.

Kayleigh x