21 Days to Change Habits

I did it....….my first 21 day virtual boot camp is complete and I couldn't be happier, I feel amazing and I really have got into the habit of exercising every single day.

Just 30 to 40 Minutes per day and I am a total convert, I love it and find myself really excited about that little bit of me time, I have even been doubling up the exercise routines in the last week to get the maximum results in the final week of boot camp.

Changing my habits has been amazing I can not thank Mel Harrison Fitness enough, she has been fabulous checking in with all of us on a daily basis that are in the Facebook group for this 21 days. I have really found that my mindset has changed in ways I didn’t think it that it ever could, I have changed my eating habits a lot in recent months. Cutting out where I can and choosing healthy options such as lots more veg and snacking on fruit when I feel the need, lowering my portion sizes and making sure I am not filling up on carbs and sugary snacks that aren’t good for me.

Joining this 21 day virtual boot camp has really helped me with my mental health too, I don’t feel I am having as many down days as I may have in the past, I feel myself getting stronger and gaining in confidence daily. I have found my tribe so to speak in this health kick, a health kick that I intend on sticking to forever as I love it. I just can’t believe how much my mindset on workouts has changed, I used to really hate it, dread it even and not do it as much as I should. But in this time not only have my eating habits, water in take and mindset changed I have also found myself wanting to exercise daily, which for me is a new experience as I never thought in my wildest dreams I would get excited about being healthier and exercising. But I am! And I am So excited for the New year and to see how far I can get, I will get to a place I am 100% happy with. And live a happy, healthy lifestyle in a body and mind I can feel proud of…….For myself and for my family.

I can honestly say hand on heart its the best thing I have done for me and for my self care in a long time, so long may it continue. For more information on how I have been doing it and to talk to Mel, contact her on her Facebook page Mel Harrison Fitness or on her Instagram which is @mel.harrison.fitness she will be so happy to chat with you. Also if you wish to keep up with my journey do check out my Facebook page MamatoMoominandBear and my Instagram @Makerof_Miracles I post regular updates there.

Merry Christmas from my family to yours x

Thank you for your continued support 2019 has been a crazy year and I look forward to the busyness of 2020 a new decade. Merry Christmas to all and a Happy New Year from My family to all of Yours x

Kayleigh x