Chatty update on family life and positivity

So lately life hasn’t exactly been a barrel of laughs, to be quite honest parenthood has been bloody hard I’m not going to lie, everything has been hard. Myself and hubby haven’t exactly been seeing eye to eye and things got really hard just before the Easter holidays, enough for us to take a step back and realise we were not in a good place and we needed to something about it and FAST…….

So I’ve spoken about trying to be more positive and how things were hard before but after this latest bout we really need to sort things out for the sake of the girls as well as ourselves. And this time we both fully intend to try harder and stick to it.

So after a few evenings of heart to hearts we have vowed to do better for ourselves and for our family, although at times I’ve thought I’d be better off with the children on my own I really don’t mean it, there’s always been something about mine and Ben’s relationship/marriage that has kept us together and for the girls and for us we have vowed to try harder with each other so we can be the best mummy and daddy to our beautiful princesses that we can be. So looking back on the things I promised myself in my positivity post last month. I fully intend to act on it all and to be a better and happier me and to be a better wife/mother.

I need to get back on my health kick as I was slowly feeling a lot better and less lethargic, been doing a lot of meditation now testing out an app called Oak which is really good and I am getting a lot of benefits from it. Even hubby has said it seems to be helping me. I do how ever want to make some huge changes in my diet and do my upmost to stop snacking on rubbish. I want to introduce more veggie options and vegan options as the girls love them too….(Ben not so keen as he loves his meat) but I’m working on him🤣

I had also said I wished to be more active on my blog and get it to take off like I want it too which is still a major on going goal and I will get there I just need to keep working on it. I’ve been less active over the last week and a half to 2 weeks as we have been working on our family life and spending some much needed time away from social media to spend some quality time with our little miracles. Easter’s been great, we’ve had so much fun, days out and shopping, we are heading to the horse races this week coming and a fun family day out next weekend which I am thinking of blogging about and possibly using it to launch a you tube channel. But I am taking baby steps……..I am hoping to attend a seminar on April 22nd called ‘The Happy Me Project’ ran by the lovely Holly Matthews find her at finding her Instagram and Facebook lives so helpful.

As for the blog if there is anything you guys who do read it would like to see please feel free to leave a comment, I am still finding my feet so any ideas welcome, I do have a lovely product review coming again very soon as I was gifted some beautiful items for myself rather than the girls this time.(I know right something for mama🤣)

Ok so I am sure I have rattled on for long enough now, I do intend to write more about days out and the kids and parenthood in the future. But I did say when I started this I wanted to be real with you all and write about parenthood,family life and anything else life throws our way which I will continue to do.

Just putting it out there if I was to start a you tube channel what would you like to see? Hoping to get hubby to guest post eventually but we will see.

Anyway find me on Instagram-@mamatomoominandbear Facebook -mamatomoominandbear Twitter-@MamatoM_B head over and give us a follow if you wish and hubby is also on Instagram-@dadatomoominandbear

Thank you for reading

Kayleigh x