Answers-Our little ladies diagnosis

Just when we thought things were ok with Georgie after having tummy issues on and off since birth, Something else decides to come to light.......makes us wonder whether we were just destined to have children with there own set of issues. Especially as I've had issues all my life........

Anyway to explain a little more when Georgie was born her belly button was protruding outwards quiet severely and we were told she had a small belly button hernia that would most likely disappear on it own later on in life and if by school age it hadn’t then they may remove it. But as the years have gone on Georgie has struggled with severe constipation more so since being out of nappies in the day. She has been on senakot and movicol for well over 18months on and off. Which had to be upped on and off due to not going for weeks. But after a doctors trip last year we were told she has something called diastitis recti which affects the tummy muscles and is more commonly found in pregnant women. And is something she will have to live with but she can improve it with light exercises I believe, I haven’t done much research as ‘Dr Google’ can be a scary place.

Georgie was also a late walker but showed no signs of the DDH diagnosis her sister had suffered but we went to see a physiotherapist at around 14months I think it was and they branded ‘Lazy’ yes you read that right…..because she had us and her big sister this was why they thought she wasn’t walking. Luckily by 16months after months of cruising she was walking and she had started nursery. Unfortunately this was not to be the end of the journey as we thought it would be.

Just when we thought we’d got a handle on her severe constipation issues and she’d moved into the older toddlers room at nursery and she’d come out of her shell so much more. Our little girl has been coming out with her own amazing personality in recent months and getting to grips with using her buggy less and less to go on nursery/school runs and days out. But then earlier this year nursery flagged something else up,our baby was struggling with her walking a little, tripping over on occasions and when she sat she would often sit with her legs quite high and struggle to get up afterwards. After a short trip out to the local park with her class we were told she walked down fine but then wanted to be carried back and was tiring easily. We jumped on all this because of the issues Megan had previously had, and in the last few weeks we’ve been to see a podiatrist which is where it started with Megan. Full of anxiety that there could be issues with our second babies legs or hips we headed to the appointment. Georgie did so well although she wasn’t impressed when she had to remove her shoes,socks and leggings for them to check. When she first sat on the bed she’d sat funny and there first words were one leg maybe longer than the other and we could end up on same route we’d been on with Megan. Inside my heart was breaking, but then she moved and the realised this was not the case at all she’d just been sat awkwardly. Must admit it was a relief as it broke our heart with Megan and I really didn’t want Georgie to end up with it too.

Anyway after an examination of her hips,feet,wrists,elbows and knees it was confirmed our little girl has something called hypermobility syndrome which means she’s extremely flexible ‘bendy wendy’ the ladies called her, they were amazing with her, and said there was a vast scale of hypermobility and she is on the lower end, there are people out there with the condition that have it a lot more severely……so as long as there’s no pain we should keep doing what we are doing and allow her to carry on as normal and as long as she stays mobile and doesn’t look like she’s struggling there may never be any need for any intervention.

So there we have it, our little girl has hypermobility, where we go from here is anyone’s guess, I did check out google on this as we weren’t given any more info at the appointment. But what we do know now, is that it can make her development slower and make her more tired, which also explains why she was a late walker….so she wasn’t in fact Lazy like the physiotherapist told us.

I will keep up to date if anything changes with her condition but for now I will leave it here.

I hope you all enjoy this blog post.

Thank you for reading

Kayleigh x