How is it March already

Wow how the hell did March creep up on us so quickly...... February went by in the blink of an eye but it was a great month.... My mama and step dad came home, we did half term and had some fun, we welcomed 2 new little fur babies into our home and we also took in a new foster dog for The Max and George Trust. Oh yes and my article was featured in the networking magazine of the business network I'm part of๐Ÿคญ

Meet Peanut, he’s so cute.

March is set to be just as crazy…. Lots of things going on with the girls, lots of birthday celebrations with my stepdads birthday and my brother turns 30๐Ÿ™ˆ๐Ÿ™ˆ god now I feel old! We’re heading to the photography show in a few weeks which is exciting for us. Myself and Ben also look forward to a night away. Any Stratford upon Avon recommendations would be amazing, we’re only there for 2days 1night.

Its also set to be a very exciting time work wise for me, I have branched out a little and I am going to be running a networking blog for the network I am part of which can only help me more with my own in the future. All amazing stuff…… There is lots more to come on my YouTube channel, currently working on some regular videos of which the 1st one went up this weekend.

I have plans to sit and brainstorm more content for the Blog and the Channel so I can get some great content for you to read,also I promise its coming soon the beginning part to my story, I am currently gathering all I need to put it all together and get in the right emotional state to write it. I also intend to do a follow up to my nervous networking blog post soon and update on my progress which is exciting.

And there will be lots more parenting and lifestyle posts coming to the blog in the future, I am thinking of approaching other bloggers for some guest posts which should be fun.

Here’s to March

Thank you for reading.

Kayleigh x