Elf Adventures

Ok so I'm back with the next installment of what those mischievous elves have been getting up to in our home since they arrived.... This one is a little later than I wanted but we have been so busy I just haven't found the time to sit down and get it all done. So here goes.........

Those mischeivous elves have been up to all sorts over the last few weeks, from playing boats in the bath to messing around with talc those monkies have been causing trouble everywhere they go. I have been a little hit and miss forgetting to take pictures, but I have remembered most I think. 

The elves have brought some amazing treats when the girls have been good, a skittles rainbow which if you haven’t seen this one in action then there is a video over on my instagram and I think I may  have it on my facbook too. most recently they came back from the North Pole with letters and a certificate from the big man himself along with a special bauble elf cam. So now the girls are very aware that the elves and santa are always watching.

Over the last few nights they have gone back to their mischeious ways causing havoc such as eating all the christmas chocolates, attempting to sneak into Megan’s school bag so they could go to school thinking we wouldn’t catch them in the act. This week they have managed to get tangled in our airbed hose and they thought it would be funny to get all Georgie’s soft dough and cutters out to play with…..But bless the magic of the elves everyday is just fantastic. Got some good ideas hopefully for the last few weeks of having the elves in our home.

We’d love to hear from you guys, has an elf or elves visited your home this December? If so what mischievous things have yours been upto. I really hope you enjoy reading about our elves adventures. There will be at least one more elf related post before Christmas.

There is a few posts linked in with our YouTube channel to come in the next few weeks too which I am very excited about. So please keep a look out…..

Kayleigh x