New Logo/New Directions

For starters I would like to thank everyone for their continued support in my blogging and now vlogging journey. So after much deliberation I have finally signed off on my logo so I can get some business cards printed and hopefully begin making my social networks work for me.

Over the past 13/14 months I have written about various subjects, some widely well received and some not so much….. When I began back in November 2017 I decided I would not limit myself to one specific subject because I wished to cover a range of things. So I set out as a blogger covering subjects from Parenting to Lifestyle and all things in between, basically if I felt passionate enough about a subject I’d write about it. I never dreamed of it beginning to build or making money from doing something I love and I certainly didn’t see me ever trying YouTube as I can be camera shy.

Fast forward 12 months and after a lot pestering from Megan I now have a YouTube channel and a proper vlogging camera which of course both girls love getting footage on during our many adventures. I am slowly gaining confidence and hope to get myself on camera more, maybe some sit down videos to come……If there is anything you would like to see me cover in a video or in a blog post please leave a comment or even send me a message on social media or email me I shall leave details at the end of this post for contact.

So to the new direction and logo, over the last few months I have been attending a networking group to boost my confidence and to gain work from my passion, which I have got to say I am loving I have taken on a role at the networking group which has made me feel like I have a purpose in the business world. Also over the past 2 or 3 weeks alongside my hubby I have been trying to design a logo to fit what I am about and after testing out a few different ones I believe we have it. And it totally helps get across my direction and message for the blog and YouTube.

So I will continue to write exactly what I am passionate about and firstly that is being a mummy so I will still have parenting posts that will not change and I am not saying I am diversifying they will be alongside many other subject posts……So as stipulated in my logo I will be writing posts ‘From Lifestyle to Business and Everything in Between’. I have recently done a few product/service reviews in collaboration with the lovely people I have met networking, which I enjoy and I believe can only help my reach and boost my plans to make money from writing and vlogging. Exciting things are beginning to happen, I have taken an opportunity to do some blogging and possible vlogging for Emma’s Diary, which is an amazing thing to be doing, I am currently awaiting the right fitting brief for me to start my Emma’s Diary journey. Also over Christmas I was asked to write a piece for the Yoo2be Networking newsletter in conjunction with a nervous networking style post I had written on the blog last year.

So I hope this explains a few things and I think I have waffled on quite enough for this post, there will be another post in the coming week, I was approached to test out some products for a friend and fellow mumprenur so I am very excited to share my results with you.

Thank you for reading.

Kayleigh x