April-Means Georgie’s School Allocation!!

It can't be that time again can it.......ARGH!!!! I think I have been pushing the idea of my last baby heading off to the big new adventure of Primary school to the very back of my mind and locking the thought away in a box.....I know its not just me and there's many parents in the same boat and I know due to my anxieties I am in denial........

… ..How can Georgie be in her last 4 months of preschool???? Only seems 5 minutes ago we we’re sending Megan off to her first day at big school. Fast forward 2 and a half years and now we are preparing for that dreaded school place allocation email due on April 16th…..That will be the 48 hours where I don’t sleep much because I will be on tenter hooks the night before and up until that email pings into my inbox like many others and I don’t envy those who have to wait for the letters to come through the door I couldn’t do that I’m too impatient……..

I know come September Georgie will start school and absolutely love it, and its just me trying to hang onto my baby just that little bit longer! She’s just so tiny just like Megan was when she started school, they are my little miracles and I wasn’t ready to let Megan head off to full time school at the time so I am certainly not feeling very mentally prepped for Georgie to be leaving for full time school, its scary for me knowing she was my last baby and technically shes no longer that tiny 6lb 1oz baby I gave birth to even if that is how I still see her. If I hadn’t gone through the whole process before I would be more and more anxious but I guess if I am completely honest its no easier second time round, so god knows how families go through this process 3/4/5 or more times I just couldn’t do it and I hold my hands up to those parents you are amazing.

Just rewinding back a little to when we went through the whole school choices and then allocations with Megan, the night I got that dreaded email I literally sat in front of that open email and I balled my eyes out because she hadn’t got the first choice school we had put down, she’d got one we had put as last choice and hoped she wouldn’t get into. But looking back it was my anxieties and once we looked round the school allocation we loved it and we are so glad we didn’t appeal the decision because the school shes in has been the best thing for her and she has flourished in the 2 and half years shes been there.

With Megan in school and it having a nursery attached to school, it was a no brainer that we would put Georgie in the nursery if we could get her in, so since aged 2 that’s where shes been going through the various rooms before landing in preschool and its nice to think she will be with friends providing the school allocation goes in our favour which with Megan being there, Georgie being in the nursery and it being our closest catchment school it all goes in our favour. But I guess there is always that small chance she won’t get in if they are over subscribed for instance, but that doesn’t bare thinking about because it sends my anxiety soaring sky high.

The upside to all this is that once we have both girls in school full time its going to mean more time for us to work and build our brand, more us time when we can fit it in. Basically more time to do those Life admin things I don’t always manage to squeeze in to the only 2 child free days I have a week. And I suppose once we have the allocation nailed we can sort the uniform and not be scrambling round various shops looking for size 2-3 skirts like we we’re for Megan due to her having a tiny waist. Georgie is slightly bigger build so things will be easier this time round, she will get into those 4-5 skirts with the buttons and elastic in the waist line and they hopefully won’t drown her….. I know we won’t this time round but does anyone else get the branded school book bags, P.E bags etc it all gets so expensive, I think we are pretty lucky as the girls can wear the polo shirts plain or with school badge on and same with cardigans. Other than that Megan only ever had the school book bag and the P.E kit bag, but the book bag lasted 12 months before we switched it for a standard back pack, although the P.E kit bag is still going 2 and a half years on, and I think come September we’ll just provide a back pack for Georgie and get her the school kit bag and the branded uniform bits.

Well I think I have waffled on quite enough I will update on or few days after the 16th with it being half term I can’t nail a date because well we’ll be having as much family time as we can during that time and heading out to do various activities with family and friends.

Thank you for reading

Kayleigh x