Exciting times…

Wow anybody else think 2018 went really really fast? I certainly think it did, feels like I've blinked and the years just flown by...... We've had a crazy year of many ups and downs, but we've done some exciting things over the year and enjoyed lots of family time.

The beginning of the year saw us having some adventures from walking to the first festival of the year.

Megan got her first ice skating experience and we were gifted a few items to review to help me get used to blogging more which I have got to say I absolutely love & I can’t wait for what 2019 holds for us,it will be fun. March saw it being 12months since the loss of my grandad which I still find hard. We went on a trip to Cadbury world, the girls loved it.

April saw my mum & step dad come back from Oz after their holiday, and May my nan turned 80. We headed in to June when my beautiful mama turned 60

Over the year myself and my lovely friend started exercising a little more by walking and we went live from the top of the local beauty spot. Something neither of us thought we could do.

I was pushed out of my comfort zone and started networking with hubby to boost my blog and we started a you tube channel, which will be utilised more in 2019.

Myself and hubby headed to elstree studios to watch the apprentice and apprentice your fired which was amazing and we filmed what we could for you tube.

Its also been a rough year losing an amazing family friend and many others throughout the year. Then November struck and we sadly lost hubbys nan so ready for this year to be over. But we have made it an amazing Christmas for our little family and had a blast at the various festivals over the year.

Now looking forward to 2019 and what it will bring, so excited now I am part of yoo2be networking, hoping to catapult my blog and you tube in the new year and can’t wait to show you all the exciting mama project I took part in.

Thank you for reading

Kayleigh x