Meet Our New Additions

Sorry I have been truly sporadic at blogging over last few months with attempting home schooling the girls and being in lockdown etc…. Things haven’t been easy for that I won’t apologise as I have always promised to be totally real on here. Well as the title says this is a post to meet our new additions, so I will get on with that.

Ok so back story, as many of you will know if you follow our social media, in January we lost our beloved greyhound Fifi and we were left heartbroken, without a pup the house felt empty. Then came coronavirus, and all that has brought, socially distancing and lockdown and with the girls home and attempting to teach the school curriculum, but of course they have been getting bored easily, things weren’t totally easy and certainly weren’t normal. Anyway in the early stages of lockdown Ben was scrolling through Facebook for work when he came across a post from one of our local greyhound trust, the one we originally had Fifi from, Now this trust don’t normally foster out their hounds, they just find forever homes for them and they are good at that. However with the country going into lockdown it just wasn’t fair on the dogs to be stuck in the kennels so they made the decision to foster as many hounds out as possible.

Our Fifi Girl, gone but not forgotten

Obviously adhering to all social distancing rules and doing everything humanly possible to be safe we took the trip to Monmore Green Greyhound Trust where we met the beautiful Annie as she was is kennels, it didn’t take long for the three ladies of the house to convince Dad to foster her, however, once home it took us less than a week to fall in love and decide she had to be ours so we adopted and renamed her, we then also took on a second foster dog for the trust, but he has since gone to his forever home elsewhere. So I’d like to introduce you all to Bo Elsa Coates (Girls chose her name), chose Bo because we loved the name and Elsa because her racing name had Elsa in it and the girls love frozen. She’s such a loving girl and is so tolerant of the kids, loves her walks and living in Shropshire there’s walks a plenty. She’s not really a fussy, cuddly girl as she likes her space which is fine, she has her big bed and her teddies to chill with. We really couldn’t imagine lockdown without her or life without her for that matter, she just slotted into family life so well!

After a while of having Bo we had been looking to foster a second pup to keep her company during lockdown and afterwards, so she doesn’t get super anxious when things begin to go back to some kind of normal and we are back out working every so often. So when we came across a post for an older grey that was in need we jumped at the chance, but that wasn’t meant to be as he needed a special kind of home without another pup. However all was not lost….They had others in foster needing homes, and I was told about Danny a brindle boy who they thought would fit us perfectly so we of course jumped at the chance to meet him. So again socially distancing adhered too etc we went to meet Danny whose foster care was going to be transferred to us if he warmed to us and vice versa, as we wanted to foster him in view to adopting him further down the line. But first we had to make sure he took to us as a family and fitted that he got on with Bo so they could live happily together.

We brought him home and did the intro’s, took them for a walk together and it was quite obvious this was going to work which made us so happy. It took him a few days to settle being in a new home and with another dog but it was definitely meant to be…. We’ve kept in regular contact with Greyhound Trust Dudley where he’s come from and they allowed us to rename him, so please meet Tiger Waffle Coates (again the girls choice)! Chose Tiger because his brindle markings make him look like a tiger which is amazing and Waffle because Georgie loves the kids show waffle the wonder dog. If you have young children then I am sure you may have heard of this show and your probably sick of hearing the theme tune, but we love it here….I dare you not to sing it…Ha, Ha, Ha! Of course if I had actually had any say in naming him I would have called him Waffle or I did have a few other ideas. Anyway he has fit is so well with us and with Bo, like he has always been here and it was meant to be so that’s truly awesome. He loves his walks, treats and he is also especially cuddly, loves the attention.

So in the last 3 months we have gone from having no dog to having one, then 2, then 1 again and back to 2 and we couldn’t be happier, they have both made our lives even more awesome and we couldn’t imagine not having them in our lives now, they are so happy together, Bo often putting Tiger in his place even though Bo is the younger dog, its quite funny. Tiger loves to come upstairs in a morning anytime from about 5.30am for bed snuggles before daddy takes them both for an early morning walk. We have had Bo since the beginning of April and Tiger joined us mid May. Again do be kind as all social distancing was adhered to in taking on these pups and we are so happy for you to see them.

Since taking on Bo our eldest daughter Megan has got daddy to help her set up a new YouTube channel of her very own to document the journey of training ex racing greyhounds, which of course she is loving. We’ve also set the dogs their own Instagram which is funny and enjoyable and the girls love running around with the dogs and trying to teach them tricks. They are still both taking their time to settle in to their new life being in a home after being in kennels and racing, but they are both doing fabulous and enjoying retirement. Do continue to follow our journey with them which we will document on Megan’s YouTube Channel which will get a slight tweak in name as it was set up before we took Tiger on, but it is currently Moo Moo and Bo’s Doggy Training Universe and I know she would be thrilled if you checked out the first 2 video’s on there. She has been promoting herself really well with mummy and daddies help, doing online networking meetings with daddy and using mummies social media avenues to promote too which she is loving. She’s already better at YouTube than mummy. Ha, Ha, Ha!


So there you are a first introduction to our new furbabies, hope you enjoy reading and enjoy checking out our journey.


Thank you for supporting us


Kayleigh x