Updating my journey with Revital U

I apologize I've been a little slack with this and I need to get some more pics done and update my journey more.

Since I began my revital u journey it’s extended from the original 3months, I am still really feeling the major benefits of taking the smart caps and I am loving how they make me feel, the weight is coming off slowly and I have been incorporating excercise where I can, during the summer holidays.  I’ve been attempting to get the children involved in my journey with regards to the excercise element and the healthier eating. They do enjoy the YouTube home excercises mummy attempts to do. Ha, ha, ha! I still struggle with some because my upper body strength is non exsistant and some excercise I just can’t even attempt.

Using my revital u smart caps has given me a boost, the one I’ve needed to think clearly and be a better me, and since the beginning I’ve gone from the original weigh in of 11st 6 and a half to 10st 11 so it is working for me with regards to helping me with my weight. My clothes feel looser and I feel better in myself. I feel I need to make more healthy choices with reagrds to my diet, I’ve found myself eating less meat, not completely fazing it out but a lot less in favour of more veggies and smaller portions. I rarely eat bread now and I’ve swapped out the family butter we get and changed to an olive oil alternative for myself, I rarely drink dairy milk anymore unless I’m out and about visiting where there maybe no other choice. Taking the caps has also massively reduced the number of migraines I suffer which I never thought would happen and I still find absolutely amazing.

I feel all this in conjunction with my smart caps journey will help me live a better life and a healthier life for my family and for me. In May of this year I set myself a huge goal. Myself and hubby attend a gala dinner at the end of September and I set myself a goal with the help of my smart caps and a healthier lifestyle I was going to buy a new dress for this year’s dinner but instead of the usual size 16 I made a promise to myself I was either going to be in a size 14 and still working at going down or that I ideally wanted to be in a size 12 and comfortable but still working on my weight loss. Well we are nearly in September and the other week my dress arrived and although a lot of my clothes are still 14 I now have a size 12 gala dinner dress that comfortably fits and I also have a pair of Palazzo pants in a 12 that are actually slightly loose.

I could not be happier with my journey, I’m still not where I want to be but I’ve made a giant leap and slowly I’m doing it. I’ve also set myself another new goal because I need to, the girls head back to school next week and I walk them twice a week some weeks and once a week others so I have made the decision I am going to peel myself from my bed an hour before they wake so I can get 30mins intensive excercise in and be more organized for the day, take my smart caps slightly earlier than the 10am slot I normally take them. And I will loose more weight before Christmas creeps in and my end goal is to keep taking the smart caps and be a happier, healthier size 10 and be the best mum to our babies I can be. Thank you so much to Val Jones for the opportunity to do the smart caps it’s something I enjoy and is helping me on my health and wellness journey.

Thank you for reading.

Kayleigh x