Psoriasis update, Inspiring others

I thought it was about time, as I have not written about my psoriasis since way back in March before the country went into pandemic lockdown, that I updated you all, so here goes I guess. I shall brave it again and let you all know where things are at and how I am with the horrid condition, in the hope that I may inspire others who may struggle with skin conditions as I do.

So since my huge flare up back in March and writing about it then I have changed some things to try and help myself and my skin. I have obviously been using my moisturising creams daily and my shampoos weekly to try and regain control, with the weather having the odd improvement and being lovely sunny weather at times, I have managed air my skin as much as possible, because I read that sunlight, in moderation, can also help improve skin conditions. As well as this, I have spoken with the dermatology clinic during lockdown who gave me all the advice they could over the phone.

Even before my flare up which covered the majority of my body, I was eating less and less meat so I decided to cut out meat completely and see if it helped me at all, so other than once during all this since March I have been meat free, although I do occasionally eat fish so I am not a full vegetarian, I think the correct term is pescatarian. I have also been having less dairy over this period too, but not cutting that completely and I can honestly believe all this has helped me in some ways. The combination of things I have changed has really helped me regain control at least a little bit, my whole body is no longer covered, although I do still have it bad on my head but it eases if I keep my hair very short and only occasionally wear a wig. Its still on my knees and arms in patches and I can’t shift it from my ears but its manageable at least for now.

As mentioned above though, the worst hit area has definitely been my scalp, I keep my hair short by shaving it all off, but the moment it begins to grow back well…..Its almost like my hair follicles are attacking my scalp and its horrible, makes the psoriasis flare again and it gets so red and itchy! Although I am learning to live with it, with all this going on, it has affected my mental health causing me to be very anxious about my looks and not being confident going out without my wig on the majority of the time. I do have days where I have to go without a wig and just get on with it because my head can be so sore and I really struggle, but as with all things, time is allowing me to learn to love my self the way I am. I am Perfectly Imperfect and I am ok with that!

During August I finally managed to get a dermatology clinic appointment after dropping them an email explaining I needed to sort something urgently as I still hadn’t regained full control of my scalp flare up, so they got me a time slot, and I went in alone with my mask on with my big girl pants on. I got to see the lady I had previously had my phone consultation with and she inspected my scalp and ears. I now have new steroid creams and moisturisers to test out to see what works best for me and she told me that I have currently regained enough control of my flare up not to warrant having any photo therapy, which is great news. Now I just need to use these new creams along side old ones and my shampoos to regain full control of my scalp and ears and then I can maybe begin to think about growing my hair back, without it attacking me every time I begin that process.

Again I am not writing this to gain any sympathy from anyone because I do not need it, psoriasis is something I live with and I deal with it in my way. This is written to document my journey through my ups and downs and the anxieties of it all. I want to inspire others who may be sufferers or suffer another skin condition, that may be needing help but they are afraid to seek it! Go get the help, its something I put off for a long time myself, until I realised I could no longer go on the way I was and I needed some help. I have some amazing friends and family around me who love me for who I am, the perfectly imperfect pain in the butt…. I shall continue to document my story and may even brave doing a couple of YouTube videos to sit along side the blog posts, if I can brave getting back in front of the camera again! Here’s to inspiring others going through the same or similar journey to myself.


Hope you have enjoyed reading and thank you for the continued support, with the girls back at school now I will be trying to get back into an even stride and write more blog posts again.


Thank You

Kayleigh x