Bring on 2018

First of all I'd like to wish you all a very Happy New Year and hope you all had an amazing christmas.....we had a fantastic family christmas and new year.

So I haven't bothered with a round up of 2017 because the beginning of last year was so difficult with family being poorly and losing my grandad. Although there were lots of highs throughout the year too. But I have decided to concentrate on my goals for 2018......

Yes I have goals instead of the age old cliche of new years resolutions that I can never stick too! Ha,ha,ha………… So I have a long list of goals I’d like to tick off throughout the year, I just hope I can get some of them done and not fail at them. Most of my goals are not directly aimed at just me they are things I want to do for the girls and for us as a family.

So my first goal for the year is to start as I mean to go on with this blog and get it off the ground and flying so please let me know any ideas about what you’d to see….. I have some product reviews coming in the coming months which are great and I’m excited for. My second goal is to get my hair sorted (trivial i know but it needs it) that one I will be ticking off this week ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ™Œ

Last year I began making daily to do lists so I could tick off as i went which is really helpful and gives such a sense of accomplishment and I love it. So long may that all continue……I’ve got some long term goals for the year and some short term. Last year with the help of family i decorated the living room i want to continue that this year and get the rest of the house done and the gardens sorted unless of course we hit another goal on my list which is to move house…..we really need a bigger property as our kitchen is tiny and the bedrooms aren’t big enough now. But if we can’t move then the girls room needs redecorating and they need a new bed. (Bunk beds to be precise)…..but I guess it will all come together in time.

One goal I’ve had for many years is I want to learn to drive, not just for me but for the girls especially when daddies working i hate relying on others to help me out and the girls can’t walk too far. I did have lessons when I was 17/18 but the money ran out so I have never gone back to it. How ever I have my provisional again I just need to take the theory and pass that and get some lessons. Hopefully I can pass and get a little run around for when hubby isn’t here. Especially with school runs and seeing family and friends…just the general freedom having a car brings you…..

I won’t go on to much more as i don’t want you guys falling asleep reading this๐Ÿคฃ……I have a few more goals on my list but I will not list them all! A few i will mention though are we want to get passports for the girls so we can go on a trip to Disneyland Paris for Christmas this year and generally do more as a family. Also I’d like to lose 2.5st and be a happier better version of myself for my family as I can’t go on hating the way I look in pictures and generally hating my body. Lastly I’d love to start a you tube channel alongside my blog if I can build enough courage to do so.

Thank you all for reading……let me know your goals for the year and beyond and what else you’d like to see on the blog.

Here‘s to a fantastic 2018

Kayleigh x