Hypnotherapy with Holistic Mindsets

Just before Christmas I embarked on a Hypnotherapy session with the lovely Angela from Holistic Mindsets this was in an attempt to help me with my Chronic Migraines to help me release them. I will admit before the session I was very sceptical because I have undertaken an online hypnotherapy course before and it did not work for me. So I thought the more personal approach may work for me. So here I will write my totally honest review on my session and Holistic Mindsets. There is also a video of the session that will be up on my you tube channel for viewing to see how I got on.

Angela came to my home setting up to perform the session for me, the cameras were set up and we are then left to it. The session began with Angela using a pendulum to gain contact with my unconscious mind by asking me to ask the pendulum to show myself the yes and no answers and begin to relax me into the personalised hypnotherapy session. As I began to relax I was asked to close my eyes and Angela began the session by talking to my unconscious about my Migraines and convincing my body to scan itself and release my pain when feel Migraines coming on.

Watching back the footage taken, I can see something definitely worked for me with the personal approach to the session because I was very relaxed and felt I was in some sort of trance. This session lasted around 30 minutes and during the session Angela called to my unconscious to attempt to replace my migraines with love and nice things and to remove any triggers of a migraine.

Angela relaxed me and brought me back into the room, before the session began I felt sluggish and tired, once the session was complete I felt more awake and motivated….. I believe something changed in my mindset during the session. It’s been 3 weeks or so since my session and I have only had 1 or 2 mild headaches and one severe hormonal migraine which for me is great as I have been known to get between 2-3 severe migraines in a month or so and regular headaches on top.

This may only be the beginning of the journey for me and I may undertake more hypnotherapy sessions in the future, for now I am happy with how my session went and I believe it went in as I feel good since and I intend to use the methods going forward to zone out in an attempt to help dissipate my migraines and I also I want to use applications such as meditation apps to help me on my journey.

If you suffer with Chronic Pain and want to try an alternative treatment to medication then do contact Angela her page is mentioned below.

Thank you for reading

Kayleigh x