Exciting things to come

After being a little down lately due to various things happening in our personal lives that have rocked us to the core. We are hopefully set on a happy course with lots of exciting things to come.

We have a few more weeks where sad things are unavoidable, but slowly we are getting there, as a couple me and hubby are investing more and more time in Moogies our media management business with more work coming in.

This week sparks the beginning of a very busy few weeks for us with regards to events and festivals, starting with The Tow show this week which includes a mummy and daddy night out dressed to the nines which doesn’t happen very often šŸ˜‚ Then a possible food festival this weekend which should be fun. Next weekend is a fab weekend in our calendar it’s the second year of Shropshire Oktoberfest which we love and can’t wait to be apart of.

We also have some exciting things planned with the girls with Halloween on the horizon which Megan absolutely loves. Over the next few weeks and months I intend to start making a proper go with my you tube channel and keeping up with the blog. Really want to get to a point where I can make money from doing something I love and something Megan loves too. She’s so excited to get a proper vlogging camera so watch this space.

Personally I have been working on a project with an amazing bunch of ladies through Instagram but there will be a blog and possible vlog at later date. But I promise you you’ll love it and it’s something that’s thrown me completely out of my comfort zone.

Pic above is an oldie but one of my faves and just shows Megan loving life using grandads camera and being with Nannie. She just loves photography and vlogging.

Ok so I think that’s enough for now as I best get school bits organised and get some kip.

Thank you for reading

Kayleigh x