Supporting Small

Don’t you just love it when you can show support to another small business? I know that I do!

Being the co owner of a small business myself and trying to make a success of my own blogging as well, I love giving back to others trying to succeed! Be it small independent farm shops, small family run businesses, Instagram businesses etc….When you shop from a small independent business you are helping to support an individual/family pay their bills, mortgage and put food on the table.

With this year bringing the crisis it has, it’s been more important than ever to support small businesses, so now we are in the run up to Christmas, I wanted to talk about a couple of little businesses that I have been touched by in the last few months.

As you will know from a previous post I am part of a Facebook community called The Happy Me Project ran by Holly Matthews, who her self is a small business owner. She has brought many people together in this one group from all over the world. Within this group I have come across some awesome people, one person in particular whom has recently set up her own small business making handmade items, starting out with face masks and growing from there, because in the middle of a pandemic they had been the must buy item, proving once again, no matter the circumstances, there is always opportunities all around us.


Anyway, this lady became aware I was waiting on my surgery, which at this time was supposed be November, now put back to the end of January as mentioned in previous posts, and during conversations with this lovely lady I expressed her items were awesome so I asked her kindly to make me up a few appropriate ones for the hospital visit, especially as I am not a fan of the hospital ones, they smell too clinical for my liking, and it was kindly agreed that I would receive them a short time after.

So my lovely package arrived, not only had this lovely lady made me 2 masks, she had made me 2 extra ones, what greeted me was stunning, they are gorgeous and so well made, the quality is of a high standard and they are a nice breathable fabric, not too heavy on the face. To move the story forward and in line with Christmas season, she is now making handmade stockings for Santa to fill, once again in the most amazing prints, and she is also making pet bandana scarves for your fur babies Christmas packages too, if you have one of course, amongst other amazing items.

I highly recommend you do pop over and check the business out, I will add the link to her shop here so you can take a look at her full range yourself, go to   and please do let her know if you found her from reading this blog because both of us would appreciate it.  Also find them on Instagram

I have another small business I want to give a little shout out too in time for Christmas, I only discovered them in recent weeks, all thanks to my best friend tagging me in an Instagram competition that was running, which I only went and won…..If you know me, you will know I rarely win anything so I was amazed by this, It only felt appropriate that I should give them a mention because they are an awesome local business in Shropshire. In addition, they are currently making personalised letters from Santa which are a little magical keepsake for your little ones. So if you want to check out her Christmas range then go to her Facebook link or find her via her Instagram page which is I am sure she will appreciate it so much.

Those are just 2 of the small businesses I absolutely love, and will continue to support always, I assure you these aren’t the only businesses I engage with, but there are too many to mention in once post and I’d end up writing a short book with all of them! Ha, Ha! During the next few weeks, have a think when you’re shopping for Christmas and maybe instead of those big corporates that we all know, you could check out some of the small businesses, especially as buying from a small business will be very much appreciated and you know the orders will be respected as it is more than likely paying critical bills..

I hope you have found this blog interesting and helps you with some Christmas present ideas for your family and friends this year.

Thank you for reading and supporting me. Check us out on our social media pages for more on our day to day life.




Kayleigh x