Christmas is on the way

Well it is of sorts, but are you all prepared?

With the big day fast approaching, we have nearly finished all our present buying and all our decorations were out and up the 3rd weekend of November, just after Georgie’s Birthday. Since then we have also started the elf on the shelf tradition which goes hand in hand with the advent calendar month. With how rubbish 2020 has been, pandemics, restrictions, face masks etc, I would have quite happily got out decorations up straight after Halloween, but the husband wasn’t having it at all…. Back to the elves, where we have 3 in our house and as always they’ve bought the girls a mixture of treats, but they’ve also been extremely mischievous at times so far too.

In normal times, we usually love heading to the Christmas Markets and local fairs, but as they are all cancelled this year we’ve only done shops, however we have managed to get most of the Christmas shopping done quite early on for us, which means less of a stress, and this has helped me feel less anxious about rushing everything last minute, we only have a few more presents to sort, Cards to buy and the remainder of the food shop, the Christmas day bits of have been done this week before the girls break up from school.

With the tier system in place across the country and where we live currently in tier 2 this means we can’t see family and friends indoors, which is so difficult, as we miss so many off them, but the guidance is there for a reason. Although saying that, we have still been able to see a few outdoors in groups of 6, which, not perfect, is better than nothing. Then with the government saying they’ll be a 5 day break over Christmas and being able to mix in bubbles of 3 households this seems to make people choose between family members, for our little family, although its been a really hard decision to make, we are not bubbling up because it just would not be fair to those not included. I have been so anxious about upsetting family members, but so we don’t upset anyone we are sticking to doorstep visits to all which is the safest option for us and for family. I can’t say we like this option but its a must with numbers still rising!

I know what we have decided isn’t for everyone and many families will choose to bubble and mix, but having family who are at risk and with my surgery now pushed back to March means we have made the right decision for all. If I catch anything between now, and even though my op is 10 weeks away, it still could affect the surgery date and I can’t cope with it being cancelled again, so it is too much of a risk. This virus has ruined 2020 anyway, and personally I think the Christmas lift is too risky meaning there is a very real possibility of another national lockdown in the new year and whilst the vaccine is rolled out across the country, it won’t be soon enough to avoid this.

As a final note, to all my lovely supporters thank you for continuing to support me, please stay safe over Christmas and from my family to all of yours have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Fingers firmly crossed for a better 2021, we are all in this together in some ways, we are strong and brave and we can get through this as a country.


Thank you for reading x


Kayleigh x