Lockdown 3.0, Now A Trilogy!

It’s been a while and for that I apologise! I just haven’t been in the correct mindset and had a little writers block.

Since I last wrote, back in early December, things have changed quite a bit here, but first, we had a lovely Christmas in our little bubble of 4 plus the dogs, we decided to only allowing short doorstep present drops from family right across the board due to the restrictions as they were back, this being the fairest way to all. Fast forward a few weeks and we are now at the end of January and in a National lockdown with all that brings, which for me of course means home-schooling to the maximum.


Considering that Boris made the decision to go with lockdown again and shut the schools just the night before the girls were due back, I think we are coping pretty well. We are navigating our way through the minefield of teaching as it is again, and it is tough, but makes us stronger and we think we give the kids new skills, so looking at it positively. The school was a lot more prepared this time round also, meaning the girls have 2 online live lessons every day, leading to work being set daily. We are 4 weeks in and its not been all plain sailing! There have been a few tears shed, mostly from me of course, but we have powered on through and the girls have got their work done. I have to give it to the teachers they do an amazing job, I am definitely No teacher, just a mama winging her way through! Also so proud of how Moo and Bear are coping with it.

On a lighter note, after ringing in 2021, I decided the new year, new me, scenario that is always a popular choice for others just wasn’t for me this year! So on that subject, with the things I had learnt in 2020, I gave it some thought and decided on a complying a dream board because it’s something the whole family could get involved with. We purchased a cork board and set about thinking of the short term and long term dreams we had as a family and as our own person. We now have the beginnings of an awesome looking future, with things like learning to drive for me, to a new family home and, depending on rules and restrictions, holidays abroad. Its been a great way to bond as a family and learn what dreams each of us has.

The New Year didn’t exactly begin the way we all imagined however, did it? My mentality has been a little up and down with it all, I think it’s the fear of the unknown again. No one wants to catch this awful virus yet it spreads like wild fire still, thankfully the vaccination roll out has begun but we are far from out of the storm yet. I find myself worrying about staying safe and keeping my family safe. although I seem to worry about that more than some other family members do, I also find myself wondering about, because the NHS are getting so over whelmed, as to whether my surgery will happen in March as planned. All this has made me highly anxious yet again but with the tools I learnt last year about reframing I am going to do my best to get my ducks in a row so to speak and reframe my mindset yet again.

With that in mind, I have started listening to some great podcasts suggested by my hubby, and after a long over due chat with a relative I intend to work on my self esteem which starts with the way I look. All these different restrictions and lockdowns have meant I haven’t exactly been kind to myself, which has meant my weight has suffered. All the weight I had lost up to the beginning of last year I have now, unfortunately put over a stone of it back on through snacking on rubbish and not exercising like I was. Well No More!! The fight back begins now. I shall no longer allow myself to slip into old habits, I want to teach my girls the right way to be healthy. With home schooling including some PE, along with my relative on FaceTime chat and some YouTube home workouts we’re going to get fit together. I know by getting even a short walk in a daily with the doggies and girls will help, but we all love dancing (well apart from hubby) so we’re going to try out a dance fit workout. I shall keep you up to date with how its all going and if I have found any other ways to get us fit and healthy and keep us moving.

After chats with the hubby we can’t really see schools returning till after the Easter holidays with how things are currently, although with recent updates Boris is hoping for a March return. But for now we make the best of the normality that faces us and power on through together. All we can do as a nation is stay strong, stay safe, stay home where it allows and carry on the best we can until the day we maybe able to meet again. We may all fight our own personal battles but the storm we weather together.

Your continued support means the world to me, I hope you enjoy reading this and I also hope to keep up with regular posts where current life situations allow.

Stay well, stay brave, stay safe, stay home and more than anything keep your chin up!






Kayleigh x