Those mischievous elves

Thought it was time for an elf on the shelf update to let you all know what out mischievous elves have been getting upto in the run up to Christmas......

With just a week to go we’ve had a fun December with our elves and with our new behaviour elf (Arlo)

So Arlo the behaviour elf has worked in some ways with a positive message coming from Santa every morning megan especially has enjoyed finding and reading the note from arlos pocket. He seems to have had a positive result on the girls attitudes and behaviour with messages such as ‘Be Kind to each other’ and ‘use your listening ears at school’. Megan loved it when she got a note praising them both for how well they did in their Christmas shows at school and nursery. All in all I think it’s helped with good behaviour by having Arlo come to stay with us…..thinking I need to do some research on getting a behaviour fairy or something similar to come and live with us the rest of the year 😂😂 as i think the idea really helps promote positivity in the girls. 

Arlo here with his pals Ellie and Kristoff 

So onto those 2 naughty little elves Ellie and Kristoff and their antics over the last 17days……well night one as seen in previous blog post they were good and bought the girls a treat of advent calendars which they thought was fantastic.

From then on these 2 mischievous little elves have been right monkies playing around in various rooms in our house at night. From reading to other toys and pants on the Christmas tree these elves have proved to be yet another hit with our girls and so far only once have they had to go on strike due to bad behaviour.

 Those naughty elves……

Theyve even roped daddy into their antics this year which has really added to the magic. With still a week to go I’m sure we’ll and up with some more mischievous antics until they leave us on Christmas eve to go back to the north pole. I’d love to hear what your elves have been getting upto this December i have seen some amazing things happening over on instagram. Hope you enjoy all the pics…..

Apologies this blog is only a short one,I do have some more in the draft stage and we have some exciting plans for the weeks run up to Christmas day. Including finishing our last minute Christmas shopping and picking up our Turkey for Christmas dinner with the family. I thought I’d take the opportunity to also mention i have now redownloaded my Twitter and have my account active again with a new name check me out @MamatoM_B 
Hope you are all enjoying my posts as much as i am enjoying writing them. 

Kayleigh x