Revital U Journey & getting back into things.

Hey all, it's been a while so I thought it was about time I sat down and got down to writing again..... So I thought I would tie in my update on Revital U Trial into this blog post as well as a little update because I have been MIA for a while.

So things have been a little crazy over here with regards to other areas of the business which has meant I have neglected things a little in regards to MamatoMoominandBear but I do intend to get back into a more regular swing of things with more and more collaborations in the pipeline for the future.

I run the networking blog as well but I do not want my own blog to suffer so I intend to make sure I get more posts out on here and I want to make a proper run at my YouTube channel to make that work for myself and my family.

So back to the main reason for this post, I have been taking Revital U smart caps for nearly 3 month’s now and I have to say I am still very much in love with them. I am yet to weigh myself this month but over the course of the trial I feel so much better, I have been more alert and had a lot more energy about me, also my clothes are getting looser and looser which is a major plus. I have found myself eating healthier and I have cut my portion sizes, I also don’t feel hungry as often so I am snacking less which can only help with weight loss and energy. The Smart Caps are just fantastic and I have nothing but praise for them, I suffer really nasty migraine attacks which until I began the caps could come on without warning a few times a month, taking the caps I have still suffered but considerably less than I used to which is amazing.

Last month I had the pleasure of working closely with the lovely Val and Lyn Jones who I have been trialling the smart caps for and seeing more in depth all the hard work that goes into everything they do to get the word out there for Revital U in the UK, they are the only Sample first company I know where you can try it out for a few days and see if their products are for you before you commit to buying. There is lots of amazing things to come from this company in the coming months which has included the massive UK company launch earlier this month with the inclusion of a new product.

I have used other products in the past for various reasons but working alongside Val and Lyn and Revital U on this Smart Caps trial has been the most humbling and amazing experience, I’ve felt fabulous and I have to say it is really helping with my Body confidence and positivity, I still have a long way to go to be completely happy and at ease with my body and how I look but with the Smart caps I am well on way to getting there and I know if I incorporate a better and healthier diet and exercise then I will get there.

With all the extra energy I have I need to start putting it to good use and getting some proper exercise, I want to get back to my walking as I was loving it and I have decided to throw myself my own curve ball for next year and register for something called Trek Fest so I now have a goal to work to as this is a Marathon and I really want to achieve this, I am hoping to continue the Smart Caps after this trial ends because I truly believe they have and they will continue to work for me. I’m excited to see where they could get me in the future coupled with a healthier diet and exercise. I want to get myself in decent shape with bundles of energy to complete the Trek Fest Marathon in 2020.

If you have the opportunity to try any of the Revital U products I promise you will not be disappointed, whether it be the Smart Caps, Smart Coco or Smart Coffee these products are amazing and absolutely do exactly what they say they do.

Thank you for reading

Kayleigh x