Learning to Love Myself

There's so much truth in the title of this one, I really am learning to love myself again and it feels amazing. Don't get me wrong its been a blooming long road, and I still have days where I still feel completely rubbish, but doesn't everyone...…. Well I finally feel like I am getting myself on an even keel and liking what I see in the mirror etc.

Yes I will always have the wobbly, and I am ok with that my body has gone through the miracle of pregnancy/childbirth twice and I have had many ops over the years and I have at least one more op sometime next year to go through but its all good, doesn't mean I can't be in the best shape I can be and have been in a long time. Since March this year I have lost nearly 2 stone which for me is amazing. I'm still not completely in a place where I am happy with my weight and the way I look but I am finally in a place where I know the goal is in sight and I just need to work bloody hard to get there.

I was asked by a lovely lady called Mel if I would like to try out her Online boot camp which should get me well on my way to shifting the last bit of weight to get to the first goal I set myself earlier in the year. I obviously jumped at the chance to try it out, because hey I will try anything once and I need to get my exercise Mojo back, and boy have I got it back in excess. I am absolutely loving that 30 minute work out every day, I have completed 3 days so far and although I am dam sore I feel amazing and feel myself getting stronger. I had no strength in my up body and I really struggled with exercise and although each day gets just that little bit harder I feel it working and its fantastic.

This was taken in a rush before I cleaned mirror as I was about to head out but size 12s and feeling amazing.

I am getting my walking mojo back too which is great and really helps me with my mindset and motivation. The fact that I am actually enjoying my walking again is great news because I had fallen out of love with that too. I am building myself back up and getting myself back in the saddle so to speak. My eating and water intake just needs to get on par with my new found motivation. I am being healthier, making those important healthier choices, fruit instead of crisps or biscuits, I’ve more or less cut out bread due to a tummy issue, kind of leaning towards the thinking I may have developed a slight intolerance to gluten although I am still able to eat tortilla wraps and the tummy aches sometimes happen with other foods too. I have lowered the amount of meat I eat and opted for veggie options a lot now just because I feel that’s what I want to do, I rarely have milk in my tea now unless I am out and about and don’t have an option. otherwise at home I either drink tea black or with oat milk, or I drink fruit teas. Then I love a smoothie but I use oat milk in that too as I don’t like it made with water and I prefer not to use normal milk.

For the first time in blooming years and I really mean many, many years, I am actually taking photos of myself and not being completely disgusted by them. I am back in a size 12 for the first time in 7 years, and it feels great. Its not my end goal, but its close too it, my aim is to reach a the target weight I have personally set myself and the dress size I crave to be once more. I want to be the happy, healthy, fit and motivated mummy my girls need and the happy motivated wife my husband needs 24/7. I have lots of targets I have set myself for the coming months both personal and business wise so I want to be in the right head space for all that. I know being a happier, healthier me will help me on my way to that, so along with my Revital U smart caps that I will continue to take as part of my daily routine, I vow to exercise even just 30 minutes a day and continue to make healthier choices in my life to get myself to where it is I wish to be and maintain it.

To see what it is I have been doing, keep an eye on my Facebook www.facebook.com/mamatomoominandbear and check out my Instagram www.instagram.com/makerof_miracles also check out the lovely Mel whose boot camp I am taking www.facebook.com/melharrisonfitness and www.instagram.com/mel.harrison.fitness

Thank you for reading and supporting me.

Kayleigh x