Its March!

Wow I know its only every 4 years that we have a leap year, but it really has seemed like February was never ending. We have had a jam packed one to be fair, filled with exciting events and meeting new mini family members, we've also had lots on work wise. But its also been a little rubbish with the never ending rain there's been so much flooding in our beloved Shropshire, not where we live but I know many others who have been really affected which is blooming awful.

We are finally in March and although its a hard month for me and I really struggle with it since losing my grandad 3 years ago, but I am pulling up my big girl pants so to speak as we have lots to look forward to this month. The girls have lots on with school starting with school trips and world book day this week, mummy and daddy have a day in London for something other than hospital appointments which is exciting and I am hoping to get some nice video footage of our day for a change so I can get our YouTube channel moving finally. March is also the month we should get a travel date for our already so loved rainbow rescue pup Bo after losing our gorgeous fifi in January. Myself and the girls are super excited for Bo to be joining our family we have so many plans for her and we already have more or less everything ready for her arrival which is amazing.


March also brings family birthdays, work events, lots more media work for hubby and hopefully for me too. We have looked into website changes which could mean exciting times for Mama to Moomin and Bear and the very strong possibility so becoming a self hosted website which is majorly exciting, and something I have been waiting a long time for! So do keep an eye on things as there could be changes coming this month as long as we can get things right and how we want them.

Next week is a busy one starting with that amazing London trip, can’t wait to show you what we’re doing I am super excited, so much so I already have my outfit organised for the day. I am hoping to vlog our day too wish is exciting as I really want to get into it properly and stop worrying about what I look and sound like.

So exciting times all round, hope you all stick with us! Do feel free to follow us on all our social media platforms and keep up to date at all times.

Thank you for reading

Kayleigh x