Georgie turned 3.

Hey me again, firstly I'd like to thank you for all the support I received on my first blog post was amazing. I've taken advice and comments into consideration as i am very new to all this and I've added pics into this blog. Hope you like it......

Anyway last weekend our little Georgie bear turned 3, we had a fantastic day celebrating with family and friends & Georgie loved receiving her presents.

I have to admit for weeks I had been dreading this day, it filled me with so many emotions. I felt like I was losing my baby & I just wasn’t ready for that. Yes I know children get older as we do. But witb all the issues I had to have both girls knowing Georgie is my last baby filled me with feelings of sadness,I missed having a bump & having a new born baby. Especially knowing so many who are pregnant or have just had babies. But my the girls have such characters now and I love it.

The night before her birthday I gave her extra snuggles, and she to bed for the last time as our 2year old and she was going to wake up a 3year old & with that a new set of challenges. The term ‘threenager’ comes to mind.🤣

Typically it was an early wake up call from all 3children all excited to celebrate & excited by the impending party. So it was presents, breakfast & getting ready.

We had a wonderful afternoon tea party & our little bear was truely spoilt by all. She loved her peppa pig cake….

The above pic took alot of guts for me to share…..hubby took it & my babies look gorgeous as always (I’m biased) but after having Georgie I have really struggled with my weight so I always hate pics of myself….but more about all that in another blog post for another time. I love this pic because I just love how megan is looking at me and her sister.

Its nearly a week on, I still feel alittle anxious having a 3year old but so far nothings really changed shes still a mamas girl & loves her snuggles & following me round like a lost sheep when we’re home, which I will continue to take full advantage of because there will come a day when she won’t want so many mama cuddles & kisses. And she won’t be constantly following me about, I will miss all that but i am very excited to see what the future holds for both my gorgeous babies.

Well i have probably bored you guys quite enough for now. I really hope you like this blog. Thank you for reading and I’ll be back with another post soon.

Enjoy & see you again soon.

Kayleigh x