Oh My God Georgie is 4!!!!

Wow I feel like we have blinked and the last 4 years have gone by in a flash, which has got me feeling all kinds of nostalgia. I definitely wasn't totally ready!!!

How can our can our little baby bear be 4??? When we found out I was pregnant with Georgie it came as a huge shock because well, we just weren't trying. So she was our amazing little surprise. Now our tiny 6lb 1 baby girl is 4 and loving life and really coming into her own lovely personality, and I know I am biased but I just love her and her big sister so so much. They are our world......


Anyway I am straying off track and waffling…..So back to Little Bear turning 4, as a family we have suffered some heartbreak in the last few weeks and to be fair Georgie’s birthday could not have come at a more perfect time. We have had a super duper weekend, spending time with family and Georgie requested a party and although it was all a little last minute rush organisation she absolutely loved it,we got a few of her nursery friends and some family and headed to a local play pit. I was unable to video or get many pics due to the general public being in there too. But i have got a few pics from the weekend and from her actual birthday on Monday which she spent with myself and daddy running a few errands and seeing a bit of how daddy does his work.


Turning 4 is a start to a huge new adventure for Georgie, it means 7 months left in preschool before she heads off to School in September. An adventure to which she may be more than ready for, but mummies emotions may not be…….I feel like we have only just sent Megan off to school 5 minutes ago…….How can we be getting ready to send off our baby to school? My heart is totally not ready for it all.

Apologies I have waffled on again, but I wasn’t quite sure where I was heading with this post other than celebrating Georgie turning 4.

Just as an ending to this short waffle (I am sorry I will be better), November 14th marks a year since I set up the blog and I have many exciting things to come to send my blog and my new you tube channel soaring.

Thank you for reading

Kayleigh x