OMG Something Unexpected Happened!

Hey all, as you can see from the title something that wasn't meant to happen, well it happened. I guess I best give you some back story so let’s throw it back to Easter half term, we took the girls to a Pets at Home animal workshop as we'd been discussing getting them some new pets after losing their hamsters. They had decided they wanted to get 2 rats, so we went to the workshop to get a feel for rats and how they are to look after etc.....Anyway a few weeks later we bought a cage from Facebook and we headed back to pets at home to choose 2 rats, we'd decided Male rats we're best suited to us. So, we bought 2 young males who the girls chose names for Megan loves the book and film Rat burger so called hers Armitage and Georgie being a huge Paw Patrol fan called hers Ryder.

We brought them home and got them settled in and they we’re loving life such active little guys. Sadly around 3 and a half months old Armitage became ill and sadly we lost him. Hubby went back to pets at home as we we’re concerned as to why we’d lost him and worried we may lose Ryder. Pets at home we’re extremely helpful and offered to replace for free and it’s not advisable for rats to live alone. Our local P@H had no male rats in so called ahead to the next closest store where we headed to get our new fur baby. After choosing our replacement and after lots of discussion hubby decided to buy a second taking our numbers to 3. We did all the intros etc and eventually they we’re all living together in harmony in the cage and the new boys we’re named Chocolate and Donut.

After about a month we decided they we’re beginning to outgrow the cage we had so again I searched Facebook sale pages to see if I could pick up a decent second-hand larger cage. We struck gold and found one, we had fun getting in the car to come home…….it was a very hilarious journey home. All set up our fur babies moved in, and have been loving life ever since, in their new palace that we are building up with new toys etc gradually. That was until 2 weeks ago…. Ryder from the original pairing well he looked like there was something wrong he’d slowed down and just wasn’t right, but he had bursts of energy so we just kept a close eye.

Fast forward another week, Tuesday evening we went to bed all settled no problem, Wednesday morning hubby had meetings, but I had both girls at home as Megan was poorly. We spent the morning upstairs tidying up whilst Megan rested, that was until daddy arrived home and called upstairs to me ‘Erm love we have a problem’ typical mum I thought one of the kids. Boy was I in for a huge shock………. We now had 9 rats in the cage…….ARGH! Ryder was in fact a female and she’d given birth to 6 tiny baby ratties. OMG what we’re we meant to do, so off hubby went to P@H and they we’re as shocked as we we’re but extremely helpful, kitting us out with a cage and accessories as we needed to get the males out ASAP they also checked over Chocolate and Donut to make 100% sure they we’re males. So now we have 2 boys in one cage and mama and her 6 babies in the other. Babies are now 14days old and growing fast. We will be getting them sexed and splitting them into males and females when the time comes. Both mama and babies are healthy and well and boys love their new home, it’s like a zoo at the moment….Ha,Ha,Ha! Think I’ve waffled on enough now, will be posting as much as I can over the summer holidays and then will be back with a bang and full on from September. Will get some up to date pics of babies soon. 

Thank You for reading

Kayleigh x