Reframing My Mindset

A little follow on from my last blog post, but I wanted to write about the changes since I wrote that post and how I am going about reframing my mindset in order to help me take back the power from my anxiety attacks. So since last post there have been some changes made with regards to my mitrofanoff surgery date. This has now been put back from November 2020 to the end of January 2021. Finding out this set me back with my anxiety just a little, it was all as I was finally getting used to the idea of it all happening in November! This I know can not be helped with the current pandemic still going strong all over the UK and the world! This is all the new normality and we have to deal with it the best way know how too, and try to stay strong, so I will continue to think positive that my new revised date for my surgery will be in January.



On the subject of anxiety, I wanted to tell you about a Facebook group I am part of and have been for probably about 2 years now. This group is called The Happy Me Project and is ran by a lovely lady called Holly Matthews, for those who don’t know of Holly she is an actress and has been on tv from a young age, so if you wish to know more do google her. Anyway a few weeks back she decided on doing a challenge within the group, this was aptly named ‘Screw Anxiety’ and it was based around eventually taking back the power from your anxiety. Of course as soon as this 3 day challenge was announced I jumped on the sign up, and I am so glad I did. So a few weeks back this challenge began, Holly did 3 days of lives all surrounding anxiety ‘triggers to reframing it all’, let me tell you the lives that Holly does are always awesome and I try not to miss them, or I watch on replay because they always make me feel more motivated.

So back to day one, this surrounded screwing your anxiety and also thanking it for being there because although we may hate it, in a way we need it maybe only in milder forms but its part of who some are and like it or not it won’t fully go anywhere. So during this first live we were set a challenge to write a letter to our anxiety to thank it for being a part of us, then to share this in the group even if we blurred the words, the fact we had done it was the brave part. So I completed this task and shared as requested, not blurring out what I had written because I felt good about what I had penned and wanted to show it. I felt so brave I felt happy enough to share it outside of the group on my personal social media, however let it be known this was not for any kind of pity, this is my anxiety and I share my journey for my own sake, and for awareness as it helps me and if me sharing my journey helps someone else then that’s amazing.



Ok so on to day 2’s live and challenge, so this live was all based on reframing and self care, doing something for yourself to reframe your anxiety. So the challenge for this one was to post a picture of yourself and write down a few things you liked, some you disliked and then how to reframe your own mindset with things that give you anxiety. Again in line with the challenge we were to post this in the group which I did bravely, but I then decided to share on my personal media again too. All these challenges I tagged Holly and used the hashtag ‘screwanxietychallenge’ so if you feel like checking them out to see them in full you can find them on my social media pages.

Day 3 was the real game changer, all surrounding Taking back the Power from your anxiety, again I listened to the live session and felt excited to find out the last challenge Holly was going to set us. So the last challenge was based on self care and doing something for you and take back that power. This was by taking time for you and showing what you had done for you that day! So live completed I decided on what I was going to do for me and for my self care, did it and took a picture, shared it in the group with the relevant hashtag, then continued on and shared my journey on my personal socials for the added punch because it helped me in feeling brave and feeling I can reframe things if I feel anxious by doing something for myself even if its taking 10minutes out of my day to sit down and have some quiet time.

So from now on I will be Taking back the Power and reframing my mindset when I feel anxious because although I have anxiety, the anxiety does not and will never define who I am! It is just a part of me that sometimes gets out of control and overpowers me but I know using the tools I have learnt from being a part of The Happy Me Project group and listening to the lives Holly does and the things she posts I can control it and not let it control me. A little self care can cost nothing but can make you feel good when you maybe feeling low. And with the way the world is at the moment many people’s anxiety is high, myself included but from now on I will be doing things for me on occasion to help curb my anxieties.

No one is ever alone, do not ever feel like you can’t talk to someone, because you can if you feel the need too. Anxiety Will Not Define Who We Are. You are strong, You are worthy and You are enough!

Do feel free to go see what Holly is about and what the group is about on the following links;

I hope this helps in some way and my readers can begin to take back the power and reframe their mindsets, because I am certainly wanting to stay on the path of reframing and not look back. Even more so now with the new announcements of a second lockdown for 4weeks.


Thank you for reading as always and for all your support, do feel free to check out my social media pages to see the challenges in full, or check out the links above and tell Holly you found her or the group through my blog.



Kayleigh x