Little Chatty(Ramble) Update!

I'm not sure where I am going with this post or what the subject matter is, I just felt the need to write something. So please bare with as it may be more of a ramble this time........

There's lots of exciting things going on in the Mama to Moomin & Bear/Moogies Media HQ, its all getting busy and coming together nicely.

We have lots on in the coming weeks and months which is very exciting, lots of new content for the YouTube channels and lots of blog content with any luck. For me with networking since November last year things have really taken off and I am forever thankful to the hubby for introducing me to Yoo2Be Networking because in the 4 and a half months I’ve been attending things have really began to happen for me, Not only am I a fully fledged Yoo2Be member I now have a very important role within my specific group which is exciting. Then in the last fortnight I was approached by the founder of Yoo2Be networking to start up a blog specifically for Yoo2Be which is amazing I am gaining recognition for my passion and more people are approaching me to work with them. Plus not only have I made some great business connections I have made some great friends along the way too.

I will in no way be neglecting my blog and YouTube, because they are first and foremost my priority because they are how I get my work, I have lots of content planned for the blog its just getting the bits together for certain posts so it all falls into place. I am always open to ideas on what content people love to read so if there is anything please drop a comment and let me know.

I have an update post planned in the next week or so on my Revital U Journey which so far nearly 2 weeks in is going well. I had to take 2 days off due to illness and believe me when I say the difference between taking them and not taking them is a Massive difference, my energy plummeted with just 2 days off. I will write a blog post with a full update and I will also be doing a video on my YouTube channel as well. As a family we have a busy weekend this week, with birthday celebrations, a company event for the Network marketing company we’re part of and we also have the Photography Show at the NEC which is exciting, there should be lots of pics and video footage coming next week which is great.

The girls are hugely excited for up and coming events because they love working along side mummy and daddy, and to be quite honest they are getting really good at taking pics and filming content themselves. Next week is a busy one……..Work, Networking, School Events and Nights away(for mummy and daddy). Myself and hubby have a rare night away that we we’re gifted whilst the girls spend the night with Nannie and Grandad which of course they are very excited about because they always get spoilt rotten. We’ll be heading off to Stratford Upon Avon for 2days, 1 night which I am thoroughly looking forward to but I do always find myself contacting my mum at least 3 times during anytime away just to check how the girls are getting on….(Typical overprotective,anxiety driven mama over here)!

Well this post ended up a little more ramble than I hoped, but I do find if I just sit down and just let it flow as I write it feels better than if its more structured. So I will end the post here and hope you all enjoy reading my little ramble update. I will ask a small favour if you could head over and check out the Yoo2Be blog I am now running and give it a follow I would be eternally grateful. Head to www.yoo2benetworking.wordpress,com to check it out.

Thank you for reading.

Kayleigh x