And so it begins……

So today is December 1st ๐Ÿ™‰๐Ÿ™ˆ my gosh where did this year go,it's been a crazy one full of ups and downs.... But Christmas time has to be a firm favourite.....especially now both girls understand it more.

As a family we don’t have many traditions apart from being together at Christmas time and spending time with both family and good friends…..also we love going to festivals and christmas fayres etc and usually a santa visit. But last year we jumped on the elf on the shelf band wagon and although last year Georgie wasn’t really sure what was going on,Megan took on the magic and thought it was fantastic.

So we put the Christmas decs up last weekend and last night our elves landed back in our home for 25 days of fun.

Meet Ellie and Kristoff,they are extremely mischievous but last night they came bearing gifts of 2 lovely my little pony advent calendars for the girls. And this year the girls had the added magic of an elf door complete with Santa letter,key and glitter.

Then today nannie and grandad arrived witha surprise from Santa that landed at their house for the girls and now he’s here….. Meet Arlo the behaviour elf (girls picked his name as they love The Good Dinosaur)

He is here to help us promote good behaviour such as listening and tidying and will be found with a note from Santa each day to help the girls learn. Lets just hope it helps, megan understands more than georgie that Arlo will report all bad behaviour to Santa. So fingers crossed,I’ll keep you all updated on this one. Whilst Ellie and kristoff tend to cause a lot of mischief but its all great fun.

This year the girls wrote their first proper letters to santa (well megan did and georgie dictated to daddy) they had the added bonus of receieving a reply too. Which they have thought is amazing……

And we decided to go all out with the Christmas decs this year and the girls loved helping decorate.
Last year we also adopted the Christmas eve box tradition and I fully intend to do that again this year, the girls have one box between them and we get a few little bits and a pair of Christmasy pyjamas for them both and put in a Christmas book and some sweeties for them.

Ok so I think theres probably enough here for now. I will write some more Christmasy posts and keep you updated maybe once a week as to what the elves have been up to.

Next weekend is our second Winter festival which we are looking forward too….if you’d like to see a blog on that please feel free to leave me some feedback.

Happy December to all. Until next time

Kayleigh x