September-Not your typical Back to School Post

Wow, that summer holiday certainly seemed to whizz by, feel like we've blinked and its gone. Its back to school, Year 3 for Megan and a new start for Georgie beginning her school journey in reception class.

As mummy I am not quite emotionally ready for Georgie to head off to school as I’ll be losing my little sidekick, but I know in my heart of hearts she’ll smash it like her big sister and be amazing.

So as stated this is a back to school blog with a little bit of a difference and will be one of 2 different posts in the coming days. Anyway a few weeks back whilst getting organised with the last few back to school essentials the girls we’re very kindly gifted a special back to school pack comprising of some dental items including 2 new toothbrushes each and some toothpastes to fit there age range. Also in the pack there was a beautiful starting school sticker book with lots of activities for the girls to enjoy and some crayola washable colouring pens and crayola washable crayons.

I haven’t in anyway been obligated by the company to blog my findings but after receiving the information I have now read through and along with the girls beautiful back to school package I thought it needed to be addressed. Looking through the information I received regarding children’s dental health I was truly gobsmacked by the statistics I was faced with.

It seems after surveying parents that 1 in every 10 british children have poor dental health and are often missing a full day at school due to tooth decay. For those parents who have had their children admitted to hospital for tooth extraction, nearly 1 in 5 which works out at 19% admitted that their child needed a total of 4 teeth removing due to tooth decay. (Crazy isn’t it)

This has all come about due to government plans on introducing a tooth brushing scheme into primary schools. Nearly a 3rd of parents said they’d like their child to receive daily tooth brushing sessions during the school week and furthermore from this a whopping 48% of parents wanted their child to receive oral health education in school from dental professionals and 35% of parents wanted oral health education from the teachers. Almost half of parents said they’d like to see dental check ups in school.

It is pure madness some of the issues us parents face to get our children to brush their teeth, a massive 64% of parents said having their child brush their teeth for 2 minutes twice a day was one of their biggest challenges. As mummy to 2 little princesses I am definitely in that percentage, getting my 2 to clean their teeth even once a day can be a massive challenge…….(I am sure I am not the only one).

According to Simply health preparing tooth-friendly lunchboxes could prove tricky for parents this school year, as 37% admitted that they find ensuring their children have tooth-friendly snack and 41% drinks a huge struggle. Featuring in many lunchboxes of those surveyed we’re biscuits(28%), sweets/chocolate(16%), and fizzy drinks(7%).

I don’t know about you guys but as a mum to a fussy 7 year old who is sometimes adverse to trying new things I find it hard especially for school packed lunches. Megan isn’t a fan of sandwiches and hates butter, rarely eats everything put for her but I do try and be as healthy as possible with the odd sweet treat, but juice isn’t permitted during the school day in their school so although both girls aren’t huge water fans they take it anyway. During the years of reception to year 2 the girls school provide free fruit snack at break time and they are brilliant with healthy eating at lunchtimes. With Georgie things are easy she will eat most things and her diet isn’t too bad she loves her fruit and to be fair Megan is a great fruit fan too.

After seeing how shocking some of these statistics have been I will be ensuring both my babies are cleaning their teeth sufficiently twice a day and after Megan having 2 visits from the tooth fairy over the 6 weeks holidays she has a new love of gargling mouth wash which is great news. I will there fore be continuing to promote good dental hygiene and healthy eating in both my girls and pushing them to thoroughly clean their teeth twice a day.

Thank you for all your support I hope you enjoy this post with a difference. If you would like to find out anymore information just head to and there is a wealth of information to be found there.

Thank you for reading.

Kayleigh x