We went on a date night!

I know right an actual Date night,time for ourselves child free……..not something we do very often anymore. Don’t get me wrong we missed the girls like crazy but with my mum and stepdad being back from their wonderful holiday and wanting to spend time with the girls over the Easter holidays we decided to take full advantage………So the girls had their overnight bags ready and off we took them for a fun night with Nannie and grandad.

After a quick change at home off we went, in keeping with positivity and making some more time for us Ben decided to surprise me so wouldn’t tell me where we were going, just that we were going for tea before our meeting later in the evening. Which is quite romantic really as I love surprises and it’s not something that comes naturally all the time to us. We have decided after the rough patch we’ve been suffering that more us time is absolutely needed as well as the family time with our girls……

Anyway we finally arrived at our destination a lovely harvester pub situated in Shrewsbury called The Beaten Track.

This is not a place we’ve been before so it made a change and we thought as we were ther we would take a few pics and use our date night to review it a little too. Lovely place and the staff were very helpful and very welcoming. To start as we were early so they weren’t in their teatime rush we we’re sat in a lovely little area all to ourselves and had 2 fabulously decorated walls around us (very romantic๐Ÿ˜‰) only wish I’d took pics…………to make things even better it is also table service so you don’t need to order at the bar.

So we settled in for our lovely romantic meal,the waitress took our orders and she was extremely helpful, we helped ourselves to our free unlimited salad bowls and awaited our meals.

Lovely laid out salad bar.

It was lovely to actually have time for us to chat and not have Mummy,mummy,mummy or daddy,daddy,daddy shouted at us every 5 minutes. Time to just be Ben and Kayleigh the married couple which is great because it’s absolutely what we needed to do and along with all other things we are putting in place for us and us and for us as a family it will improve our lives greatly.

Couldn’t have been a nicer evening and our meals were just amazing couldn’t have asked for better…..

Hubbys food. Rotisserie chicken with ribs, green, seasoned fries and corn on the cob. Also with gravy

My food๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜‹ amazing rotisserie chicken with greens, corn on the cob,sweet potato fries and gravy.

Anyway after a fab meal we headed off to the meeting we had and then came home to chill.

Making more time for us is something we need to make a regular thing…..be it a lunch date whilst kids are at school and nursery or getting grandparents to babysit so we can head out for an evening. We’ve definitely been lacking in the us time department lately. Lovely little nights out like this one has only made us more determined to do it more often even if it means a night in with a movie and a takeaway once the girls are in bed. We know if we don’t do it then we’ll be back where we started in a rut…..something neither of us want.

We’ve also been trying out something new but more on that at a later date, but I think Ben will fully agree that having a child free date night and time for us then a fantastic nights sleep mean the new things we are incorporating into ours and the girls lives are working wonders.

Thank you for reading your continued support means alot.

Kayleigh x